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  1. denete

    SOLD - Barkbusters, AltRider Radiator Guard and Pyramid Fender Extender (package deal) $190

    I'm selling an AltRider Radiator Guard and Pyramid Fender Extender, a great combo to protect that delicate (and expensive) radiator. These have never been installed. There were no instructions with the fender extender, but the radiator guard has complete instructions and installation hardware...
  2. denete

    SOLD - Barkbusters VPS Handguards

    I'm selling my Barkbusters VPS Handguards. These worked great for keeping the wind off my hands (the VPS can be made taller or shorter to block more / less wind). Price reference: Barkbusters VPS...
  3. denete

    SOLD - Dale's Rack

    I'm selling my "Dale's Rack". Of all the accessories that I have had on my NC700X, this is by far my most favorite of all. It is perfect. I used it many times for being able to travel with a dry-bag strapped on top...and still be able to get to my gas filler. An amazing piece of hardware. Price...
  4. denete

    SOLD - Knight Design Foot Pegs

    I'm selling my Knight Design foot pegs (Hunter tread, 1-1/4 Inch lowered, wide front). These have been great for me and are much more comfortable than the stock foot pegs. Wear and tear is normal anodizing wear at edges and one corner that was scuffed when I dragged a peg once. Current price...
  5. denete

    SOLD - Madstad 22" windscreen (NC700X 2012 - 2015)

    I'm selling my 22" Madstad windscreen. This is a game-changer if you enjoy riding your 2012-2015 NC700X at speed without wind on your helmet. This has mounting holes for the MRA X-creen below which can be purchased optionally (prices below). The Madstad was purchased before they began frosting...
  6. denete

    WTB: Dale's rear rack with fuel cutout

    I'm looking to buy one of Dale's rear racks with the fuel cutout. - David
  7. denete

    Motion-activated, rechargable frunk light

    I purchased two of these "Rechargeable Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Lights" via Amazon. They are rechargeable via an included USB cable. They include a "snap-in" mounting bracket that can be attached to any smooth surface by using the included 3M double-sided foam tape. They can be released...
  8. denete

    What do you carry on your bike?

    I'm curious about what people carry in their top case, panniers, and frunk on a daily basis. Lots of people on the Internet like to show off the things that they pack for adventure riding and camping, but I'm curious about your everyday carry.
  9. denete

    Where to mount First Aid kit?

    I would like to have a first-aid kit such as a MOLLE Rip-Away IFAK Pouch ( mounted on my NC700x in a way that would allow access to the kit without having to open panniers or top case for access to the kit. Where would be a good place to mount such a case?
  10. denete

    Request for Windscreen Dimensions

    Could someone post the dimensions of the Honda Tall Windscreen? I'm looking for the general top width (A), top swell width (B), and the distance from the swell to the top (C). I'm looking at an accessory to add and need to know if it will fit on the windscreen. Thanks in advance. -...