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  1. DirtFlier

    Mystery item with OEM oil filter..

    Neither the Honda OEM auto or motorcycle filters have a hex on top. They both take the same cap wrench.
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    Mystery item with OEM oil filter..

    All of the Honda OEM filters, for cars and motorcycles, come skin wrapped in plastic with no room for anything but the filter. Was it really a Honda OEM filter?
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    2020 Americade Rally Is Canceled

    No surprise because it's the prudent thing to do. Amazing Sturgis is still scheduled to go least it is for now.
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    Question My suspension failed after only 46k miles- best path forward?

    My rear shock came from Cogent and I'm totally happy with their service. :-)
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    Small/mid Adventure bikes have promise

    670 cc: "I assumed the 400X is just a displacement reduced 500X made to align with rider licensing classifications in those countries where it is marketed. I think Japan jumps to a different license class at 400cc, so I saw specs that say the 400X is 399cc...." Yes, anything at 400 and larger...
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    Information Can’t find a definitive answer

    I've cut several sidestands and have never inserted a plug. A few years ago I shortened the centerstand on my NT700V and on that mod, I did insert a plug in each leg to bridge the weld line. When getting the bike up on a centerstand, the legs are subjected to a bending moment. When using a...
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    Online manual NC700X

    The headquarters for Honda Europe is in Italy.
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    Information Can’t find a definitive answer

    I'm just curious so will ask. Did you notice additional stiffness in the rear suspension after the bike was lowered?
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    Suspension upgrade for NC750S

    Derek - as far as I know, there is no damping adjustment on the rear shock although we never got the S-model in the US so that's only a guess on my part. It does have adjustments for spring preload.
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    Question Steering damper ( stabilizer ) for nc700s ?

    Yazeed - why do you think you need one? Do you experience "headshake" in some bumpy corners?
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    2015 NC700x Won't Lock

    Or carry a big chain & padlock or wheel locking device with you.
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    New DCTs?

    The motorcycle biz is really in the dumps partially because of covid-19 and partially because it has been going down-down-down for many years. Even Harley has decided to pull back on some (all?) new models and stick with their tried-and-true cruisers and Road Kings. That being the case, I...
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    Throttle cable adjustment

    Lubing your cables is an old-fashioned idea that went out of practice, at least for Japanese motorcycles, about 25 years ago. In my mind, it's the same as taking your car to the service station for a lube job - it's no longer necessary and in fact, grease fittings on cars don't exist anymore...
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    Weirdness going on w/rear brake

    Does the brake system still have the original fluid from the factory? Changing to fresh fluid and bleeding the system can make a HUGE difference. Some people never change the fluid because they see the level is OK but all manufacturers (not just Honda) recommend fluid changes every two years...
  15. DirtFlier

    Question 2020 NC750XD Oil Filter & Clutch Oil Filter question

    Although I've never looked at a K & N filter up close, my guess is that it isn't welded. The nut is just a detail of the metal stamping.
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    2021 Honda CT125 Hunter Cub Is Official

    Those original CT90s/110s were from a more relaxed time when recalls and lawsuits were not a way of life.
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    BrakeBuTT Adds Linked Braking to Any Motorcycle

    Most newbie riders when confronting an emergency will slam on the rear brake and totally ignore the front brake. The vast majority (almost all?) of them drive cars so it's just a natural reaction. This is borne out by accident stats that show riders too often slam on the rear brake which locks...
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    Feeler Gauge use for Valve Adjustment

    In all the Honda motorcycles I've owned since 1990, the mileage for replacement of the air filter element could easily be extended by 50% without any noticeable degradation in fuel economy or performance.
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    Handlebar Weight

    +1 for dduelin. I have owned lots of different Honda street bikes and have never broken the threaded insert inside the handlebar.
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    Anyone used HiFlo air filter? opinion

    The air cleaner controversy of OEM vs aftermarket is similar to both sides of the oil filter thread. Each side stakes their ground and builds sandbagged bunkers! :)