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  1. SilverRocket

    What is the availability of the NC750X DCT in the U.S.A.? Especially California.

    You need to bring your bike down to SoCal and do a trade-in once you find a dealer with the new bike you want. Selling prices are insane, but unless you can wait about 8 months, no way to get a good deal on anything new.
  2. SilverRocket

    Leaving the NC700x world

    If you would like to sell any late model bike, contact dealerships in the L.A. area. They are buying like crazy, as they can't get many new bikes right now.
  3. SilverRocket

    Motorcycle tour with surfboard or kayak

    Why is the rack mounted on that side? You mount your bike from the other side? I'd like ot get a rack to hold my body boards, as parking in Malibu for my car can be as high as $15, but I can always find a free space to park my bike.
  4. SilverRocket

    Perfect Bag For The Frunk

    Cool, but I'll stick with one plastic grocery bag. Two for heavy loads. Ten or twenty cents, last about a year...
  5. SilverRocket

    Question No swingarm spool threads? Come on Honda.

    This is clearly Honda's way of keeping the base price on the NC's lower. That $113 + labor could raise the MSRP they show on this bike too high, compared to the competition. I have an old, heavy duty Power Stands stand that had adjustable pads that lifted the swingarms on my old Ninja 250R. But...
  6. SilverRocket

    Engine Warning Light

    I've had something similar happen to me twice now. After 2 trips of 75 and 55 miles I stopped and when I restarted the bike (one time after a short break, the other to move to a better parking spot) the bike wouldn't go into gear and I had to hold down the starter button for a long time. I...
  7. SilverRocket

    Handlebar riser and Center Stand install

    I can't believe how many items for our bike are being sold without a single photo of the item on an NC! Internet retailers are really missing out.
  8. SilverRocket

    Question Double-checking dealer prep?

    Check the alignment of the frunk. Open it and let it fall closed. Does it close easily? Is there a tool kit and manual, as well as 2 keys? Check the throttle - is it loose? Does it slide a little left to right? Too much play? If you have had any accessories added, and they took off panels to...
  9. SilverRocket

    Yet another DCT question

    I would recommend getting a battery brick with cables, instead of just jumper cables. I was having issues with my car's battery and used my Noco boost sport several times without charging it up, which is done with a USB cord. I also had to use it when I was having battery issues with my NC700...
  10. SilverRocket

    Thoughts on buying a new 2017 NC700X in 2021

    Last June I bought a new 2018 NC750XDCT. Honda had held back some bikes every year and released them because of such high demand in the US recently. Does this bike have a very low VIN#? My bike's ends in 000059. My opinion is that if they are selling it as a new bike you will have the one year...
  11. SilverRocket

    Made the upgrade from 700X DCT -750X DCT - Here's what you need to know.

    Update- I recently switched insurance back to Dairyland for pretty good savings, though I still have only liability. The clip-on windscreen is sold through numerous eBay sellers. The quality isn't great and the plastic parts degrade quickly, but it's cheap and very useful. I recently got a...
  12. SilverRocket

    Question has anyone attempted to turn the bike by leaning it on the side stand like you can do on other bikes?

    I expressed this concern with a BMW rep at the International bike show in Long Beach when he asked me what I thought about the huge GS1200 ADV. I have a tight turn to make between a wall and a car that sometimes parks too close. IIRC, I think he walked over to the huge bike, put it on its...
  13. SilverRocket

    Saddle bags

    Will the Blaze's strap not fit under the rear seat? I have wondered about getting textile bags if the flap can be somewhat secured so they don't get stolen the second I walk away from my bike.
  14. SilverRocket

    A proper Chain guard

    I had this one. Didn't work all that well, was a pain to install and an even more difficult job to remove and replace when attempting to clean the whole area. I think it helped with fling off the chain, but not so much with mud splatter.
  15. SilverRocket

    Found my old bike on Craigslist

    It does have a new chain...
  16. SilverRocket

    Found my old bike on Craigslist

    I sold my NC700DCT this past June and it looks like the buyer is now selling it. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/mcy/d/south-gate-nc700x-dct-abs-2016/7266661276.html
  17. SilverRocket

    Question How to change gear

    I tend to spend most of my time in D. Even with 60 mpg I still don't like being inefficient; plus our gas here is $3.45/ gallon. I switch to S1 mode when splitting lanes in tight traffic, or if I am on a very twisty road, especially if going uphill. In D there is one time where I go into Manual...
  18. SilverRocket

    Has anyone checked out or ridden the Honda NM4?

    I've always liked unique bikes like that, but the riding position and price were both uncomfortable to me, Did you ever see the Honda DN-01? A more traditional look, with the best side mirrors ever! It had an automatic transmission too, though I am reading discrepancies about whather it's a...
  19. SilverRocket

    A bit confused about the empty gas tank

    I've never filled a bike without looking into the tank, to watch the level rise at the end of the fill up. You can start filling normally, with the nozzle shoved all the way in, but watch the meter on the pump. At a normal fill up, which I try to do as soon as the reserve starts, the pump will...
  20. SilverRocket

    First bike

    With all the distracted drivers these days, as well as the speeders on the freeways and all the nuts who are parking wherever they feel like it, the DCT is a great way to reduce your own distractions when learning a new bike. The riding position helps too, so you can spot the crazy SUVers from a...