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    Hungarian NC Club launched today!

    sounds great. have fun and good luck fellow riders.
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    After market fuel/gas tank

    will try again, the temp gauge is here by mistake the right is the heavy tool box for a/c foxing and instaling. the left is for the freon gas.
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    After market fuel/gas tank

    i installed as a left sadle bag a three compartment alominum box about 1.2 k"g. self made. it usally holds 3 freon gas or water and comprresed air for the "mack" truck air-horn. i can take 1.5 liters of fuel in each tank. i like the plastic tanks but if you spill the beans and they get...
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    hi, it looks like i need a new front brake disk, can you please post and ask if this is good...

    hi, it looks like i need a new front brake disk, can you please post and ask if this is good enough ? Front Brake Disc Rotor for Honda CTX DCT ABS 700 s 700 Integra 750 | eBay thanks, gidi
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    I am a new owner of a 2015 NC700x DCT

    forgot to mention, i replaced the credit card in the front with my home made polycarbonat tall wind shield. dont use this material. it doesnt brake but its hard to work with and bubbles fast when heated.
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    How Low Can You Go

    its an nc700 x 2013. the best scooter there is.......
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    Three SCOTTISH Kick Rule'

    this one is for all of the post delivery man and weman..... please forgive my poor english. a elderly lady lost her bag with 200$ wellfare money. she was quiet depressed and had no idea how she will get food ths month. so she wrote a letter to god asking him to help and dropped the letter in...
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    I am a new owner of a 2015 NC700x DCT

    i did read the articles in the magazines too. lack of power, missing horses, some of the horses could be dead, the other are lame. but its automatic [great in the city]. has abs. very comfy. has that great front trunk. seems to ride effortless. you dont have to feel sory for the engine...
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    How Low Can You Go

    this is a good road in winter. the clowds cant pass the mountain. but in summer its hell. even the ashsfalt [paved road] sweats....
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    How Low Can You Go

    i know you meant low temp but we dont have that here in israel. about 20 rainy days a year. every year is declared a drout [not enugh water] but i guess this is mainly a desert and thats what we get. a picture of me and bike at the lowest place on earth.
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    this may make you smile, imagine a non american selling on ebay and trying to understand with google translater what the buyer means..... and all of that with no glasses and poor eye site. i wish thay had a speller on the coments and posts
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    2016 model or used 2014 model??

    if you dont mind, what is "SeaFoam" that you put in the tank?
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    Engine light came on!

    you might install a digital temp gauge just to rule over heating or engine to cold. its not expencive. if youll send me a privete messege i will send you the links and instractions. not rocket science. 10$ at ebay plus an hour to install. fits great under the original gauges.