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  1. DirtFlier

    WTB Rear Brake Caliper

    I need a rear brake caliper for a 2013 NC700XD.
  2. DirtFlier

    Other way to solve the "tank under pillion seat" issue

    I love the hinged rack that swings up to allow access to the fuel cap. And the width of that rack is HUMONGOUS!
  3. DirtFlier

    2022 MotoGP on TV?

    It was a great 1st race of the season with an unexpected winner from a small team. I won't spoil it for those who haven't watched it!
  4. DirtFlier

    2022 MotoGP on TV?

    Subscribers not only get to watch motoGP races but also moto2 and moto3, plus all the practice & qualifying sessions for all 3 classes so it's really a bargain. And there are no damn commercial breaks! About 4 yrs ago, I cancelled my Spectrum cable TV hookup and opted to subcribe to motoGP and...
  5. DirtFlier

    Looking for actual waterproof boots

    "...Plenty of boots are labeled waterproof, but my experience and reviews say that many such boots are not...670" If their test was to use a water hose directed at a boot, then it is probably fairly waterproof but riding a motorcycle in the rain is quite different as regards volume of the water...
  6. DirtFlier

    Looking for actual waterproof boots

    I've run into the same problem with many pairs of riding boots advertised as "waterproof" and tried the various waterproofing ploys then started carrying plastic grocery bags with me to slip over my feet then into the boots if rain was expected. They kept my feet dry in spite of sometimes being...
  7. DirtFlier

    Exhaust Pressure Relief Control Valve?

    And all those intake and exhaust passages are cast into the head and not done as removable pieces. it's not a design that would yield significant improvements to a reduction in back pressure. ..and if you want more power, just add the Flux Capacitor option from HRC...just kidding. :D:D
  8. DirtFlier

    Angled tire valves

    At least to me, tire valve direction is a personal choice. On many bikes, such as my NT700V, the muffler is on the right side and completely blocks the view. I usually do my air pressure checks with the bike on the centerstand for easy rotation of the rear wheel. ;)
  9. DirtFlier

    New Year's Day brings new Michelin sport touring tire

    I always assumed the Pilot Road series was superceded by Road 5?
  10. DirtFlier

    The 2020 Manual NC's left hand control frustration

    "....Use the turn signal every turn every day, every vehicle...Dave" Where I live most people opt to buy the cheaper cars without turn signals because I rarely see them flash to indicate a turn. Or if they do have turn signals, they only turn them on 12-ft before the actual turn or in...
  11. DirtFlier

    The 2020 Manual NC's left hand control frustration

    I have the same problem with my NC/w DCT. Sometime I go to blow the horn at an errant car driver and just downshift! If you could find another switch model with the correct orientation of horn & turn signal switch, it's likely the harness wouldn't mate correctly with the NC's wiring.
  12. DirtFlier

    New ADV 350 scooter from Honda

    https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2021/11/23/2022-honda-adv350-first-look-11-fast-facts-adventure-scooter/ Interesting but I wonder if it'll come to the states?
  13. DirtFlier

    Need to change sprocket and chain.

    A long, long time ago, using low RPM at modest speed would have been "lugging the engine," especially with high performance cars and bikes. We no longer have that situation unless you have a homebrew hot rod of some kind. Most or nearly all the modern Honda motorcycles and autos are designed...
  14. DirtFlier

    Need to change sprocket and chain.

    Many people have been brain-washed into thinking that lugging the engine is a terrible thing sure to cause a connecting rod to fly out of the cases at some point. Maybe it belongs in the scrap heap with the "3000 mile oil/filter change"?
  15. DirtFlier

    Need to change sprocket and chain.

    On my DCT model, with the transmission in "D" to shifts into 6th around 35 mph. If the factory thought that such a low RPM in 6th would hurt the engine, they wouldn't have programmed it that way. It's mostly a mental thing with us thinking that low RPM in a high gear is "lugging the engine."
  16. DirtFlier

    Need to change sprocket and chain.

    There really isn't a need to use 6th gear so what's the problem? If it pulls away easily from a dead stop then all is well!
  17. DirtFlier

    Choosing crash bars on 2021 nc750x

    Do they allow lane filtering in PA?
  18. DirtFlier

    Senior Lady on brand new '21 NC750xd...my experience so far

    "...Set and hold a steady fast idle and modulate speed with the rear brake...Dave" Control at walking speed is still one of my weak points with my NC-DCT, even after 6 yrs of ownership and 35k miles. I've tried using the rear brake but I'm honestly clumsy with it. If the NC was my only bike, I...
  19. DirtFlier

    Need Help DCT malfunction; Stuck in gear and refusing to shift after 40 mins of riding [Resolved 4/26/21]

    Did the old, problematic shift motor have the smell of burnt electrics?
  20. DirtFlier

    Wiring Heated Gear

    As regards the "controller" that makes the heat adjustable in jacket & gloves, I don't think they use a rheostat, at least mine doesn't. What I found is that the controller adjusts temp by applying a pulsing current. I checked this myself a long time ago by using a VOM and saw the numbers...