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  1. My old faithful Bonneville T100

    My old faithful Bonneville T100

    This is my first 'modern' bike since the 400/4.
  2. My old Transalp XL700VA

    My old Transalp XL700VA

    This bike was one of the best I have ever owned.
  3. james175

    New member welcome thread..

    Hi there from sunny Lincolnshire. Been biking since 1966 when I bought a James 175 in a box for £10. This year marks my forty-sixth biking year. Now I am retired I have all day to go out on the bike and 2013 I will be looking at a Honda NC700X. I will be looking at the DCT auto as this model...
  4. 1976 Honda 400/4 F2

    1976 Honda 400/4 F2

    Here is my 400/4 F2. Its one of the best bikes I have ever owned. She always starts first time on the button. The kick start never used but glad its there. Rebuilt with loads of stainless steel screws. Always having people wanting to look even at traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and petrol...
  5. james175

    Owners demo NC700X DCT.

    I hope this has not been posted before (I am new here) but this is what got me thinking about a Honda NC700. You can skip the long lead in by clicking the orange box top right of screen. Honda NC700X DCT Auto - Owner's Demo - YouTube
  6. james175

    How do you stop your NC!?

    Brakes are for slow Engine is for go. I always use my brakes to slow and stop. I never change down to stop.