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  1. halfmt1

    What happened?

    What happened to this section? Haven't had new postings since December. I used to find these motorcycle news posts very interesting.
  2. halfmt1


    I am finally getting my NC750X DCT tomorrow. after waiting for a few years. I was researching the 700's for a couple of years, then I heard the 750's were coming, so I waited a little longer. Then the 2018's were out, but it took my dealer forever to get one. Now after watching every you-tube...
  3. halfmt1

    2018 750

    Does anyone know when the 2018 750's are going to show up stateside?
  4. halfmt1

    New Guy from Oregon

    Hi all, New guy here on the forum. I do not currently have an NC, but will be getting the new 2018 NC750x DCT when they arrive this coming summer. I was pleasantly surprised, while planning on buying an NC700x DCT, to hear Hondas decision to give us the 750's. Very excited to say the least. I...