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    Hello All, I know my dad spent a lot of time on this forum and was a moderator. He truly loved...

    Hello All, I know my dad spent a lot of time on this forum and was a moderator. He truly loved helping others. I wanted to pass on the news of his unexpected passing. I know he would have wanted to let y’all know. https://www.wausaudailyherald.com/obituaries/wis367528
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    Honda: Orders for 10 Bike Models Temporarily Halted

    No surprise the supply chain is still a mess………been to a car dealer lately?
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    Failure to signal

    I found the VFR1200x factory self canceling signals is likely the same as the Goldwing……when it cancels too early. If I signal early I push the button on the factory system twice in the turn sequence to reset the distance/time to cancel. ST2 I found to not have the early cancel...
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    Wanted - 2021 Shop Manual

    The dealer will ordering from Helm as they are the printer, warehouse and drop Shipper for HONDA manuals. Honda used to print in house, they now contract the printing and shipping. The material and info in the manual is controlled by HONDA. Helm also prints and handles the distribution for...
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    New front tire head shake

    Please do NOT confuse high speed wobble and or weave with hands off the bars decel shake. That info does not belong in this thread or topic.
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    New front tire head shake

    My VFR1200x had hands off decel head shake with the last replaced tire. Prior tire had no shake. I knew it was the new tire. This was DIY tire install. I did not try to get the tire replaced by the manufacturer. This time was a very specific decel speed 30-33 mph decel was where the shake...
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    Wanted - 2021 Shop Manual

    Might want to call again or order on line …….shows in stock now ?
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    Bike won’t change gear

    Agree …………spraying lube is considerably different than clean the chain.
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    Bike won’t change gear

    Thanks for the reminder post…….. This has been discussed many times prior. Most do not realize the dangers……even turning the wheel/chain by hand can have devastating consequences in the matter of a few seconds. Mine was minor finger nail loss when I was age 16 working at the Yamaha Dealer...
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    Bike won’t change gear

    Don’t have the time to debate or copy the data on which models and years but Honda and everyone else switched ABS sensors. Newer ABS sensors are NOT always analog ……….so do not assume they are. Wheel speed sensor (Hall effect) The purpose of this test is to evaluate the operation of an...
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    Bike won’t change gear

    Dealer in the US can call a “technical assistance line” where technicians on the phone can give instructions and test protocols. There are model engineers on staff and direct communication to Japan. Engineering is far more attentive to new problems and warranty problems. The phone line has a...
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    Bike won’t change gear

    Any updates ??????
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    Honda Wants 15% of All Bike Sales to be Electric by 2030

    Moving the source of the CO2 or other pollution is a shell game. Even Musk state’s infrastructure and renewable power needs to come first before the lofty goals can be achieved and actually make a real difference In the environment. Remember EU is NOW reopening coal fire power plants due...
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    Fork Oil leak

    Not sure what product would be used or even work to fill in the pits. The good news the seal does not travel that far up the tube.
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    Japanese bikes being discontinued

    Any changes or discontinuations present and future will based on sales. Lack of sales means the model will be dropped. Some times prematurely as history shows some models take ( took) years to catch on or develop a true following. Many companies today don’t have the time, patience or...
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    More Speed After Taping Exhaust ??

    David you need to get out more……….it’s a “regional thing”.
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    More Speed After Taping Exhaust ??

    There are other posts on E15 and motorcycle use. Originally E15 was not suppose to be sold in summer. https://www.cyclenews.com/2022/04/article/american-motorcyclist-association-opposes-planned-e15-waiver/
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    More Speed After Taping Exhaust ??

    Not buying the performance increase with exhaust tape. As for the gas: It’s a regional thing…..labeling and products vary. Other locations do not have 85 that’s often sold in high altitude areas. 88 in most of the US……UNL88 is 15% ethanol also might be labeled E-15. 88 label is meant to...
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    Think the disconnect the battery got started years back with OBD1 and OBDII cars and trucks. For many years the error codes would be erased or cleared with a power disconnect. So common trick was ……disconnect the battery just before emissions testing to clear all the problems that would cause...
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    Changing brake lines on ABS 2018

    FOR FUTURE READERS THAT MAY STUMBLE ON TO THIS POST: Just to clarify this brake bleeding procedure or process………the HONDA manual does not show or require a special HONDA tool or Scan tool or code reader to bleed conventional brakes or ABS. There is no mention of exercising or cycling the ABS...