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  1. fleetingyouth

    Fork Oil leak

    I noticed this morning that the rear fender and underneath the tail had a thin black oil sprayed across it as if it was flicked up from the tire. I checked the underside and chain and couldn't find any evidence of a leak. then I noticed what looked like the fork oil leaking and the front break...
  2. fleetingyouth

    Frunk Latch won't close

    I know people have had this issue in the past but this is a first for me and Ive taken the panels off a couple times before. I did the air filter a couple of days ago and ever since the latch won't work correctly. The key seems to work, I can press down on the latch with a screw driver and it...
  3. fleetingyouth

    Beamtech LED Headlight Swap Questions

    Hey all, I finally got around to swapping the headlight for an LED one. I went with the Beamtech that several other forum members recommended. I installed it like Muffintop described in this thread. My question is with the heatsink just up against the rubber boot is it still water-sealed? I...
  4. fleetingyouth

    Dumbest and Most Useful Item Carried on my Bike

    Ok this is totally dumb and it's sad it took me 8 years to even think of this but it has made my life so much easier in day-to-day commuting. I don't own a car, I live in the city and I commute on my bike everywhere. This results in me using my bike in a lot of different ways from other...
  5. fleetingyouth

    Treating Metal Parts with a Rust Inhibitor?

    Hi all, It's getting warmer here on the east coast and I'm planning to pull the front end apart to do some maintenance and upgrades. I'm also going to do a deep clean from the salty winter riding while I have the plastics off. So does anyone treat their bike with a rust inhibitor to help...
  6. fleetingyouth

    At What Point is an Accessory Relay Box Recommended?

    Over the years I've always intended to wire up some electronics and accessories on the bike but it always got put off and guess I never really needed them enough to get the job done. I have acquired a variety of parts to install at this point and think it's time to install them. A while ago I...
  7. fleetingyouth

    Best Three Cheap Mods

    Hi All, Here are the three best mods that cost almost nothing that I think should have been standard from Honda. Not everyone has the same tatse but I think all three of these really improved the overall look of the bike from Stock. These are on my 2013 model but I don't think they improved...
  8. fleetingyouth

    Ignition Switch Issues

    So I thought I was having Cold morning start issues but now I'm starting to think it might be the Ignition switch or possibly the kill switch. On several early cold mornings, I have had trouble starting the bike. It is a new battery and I tested the voltage before and during starting both...
  9. fleetingyouth

    Looking for 3 piece Front Lower Fairing

    Thinking of painting my fairings but not sure if it will look good so thought I'd ask if anyone had theirs from doing a skid plate install and doesn't need it. Thanks in advance. Mike
  10. fleetingyouth

    Finally picked up a rear fender and chain guard

    I haven't had a chain guard or rear fender on the bike for over a year so a few months ago I ordered an Ermax one from France and just finished painting it today. It hasn't been mounted yet I just mocked it up for the pictures to see how the color looked. The color isn't perfect but it is...
  11. fleetingyouth

    Looking for a winter windscreen

    After seven years of winter riding, I've finally decided to buy some winter gear to make it more comfortable. I want to get a taller than stock windscreen that still uses the stock bolt holes. I dont want something super big like madstad or national, just enough to get the wind off my chest...
  12. fleetingyouth

    Anyone have experience or bought this Engine bar set?

    Hey came across these on ebay. They are small and less noticeable but seem like they might at least protect the case from scratches or dents on a drop. LINK Has anyone ever bought these? or maybe something from the company Recraft? Not really looking for recommendations on different bars just...
  13. fleetingyouth

    Bike wont start after tail light change!

    Ok I changed my tail light yesterday and it was a huge pain cause of my custom tail tidy. I tested it several time with ignition on but not the motor running before puting the bike away. I just went out to take it for a ride and it wont start . All lights work. Display comes on. If I hit the...
  14. fleetingyouth

    Brake and plate light out

    Hi all, I realized late last night my brake light, running light, and plate light are out. I have the custom fiberglass tail delete that puts the tail light up into the tail so its a pain to get at the brake light. will have to pull the whole tail apart. Before I pull it apart what are...
  15. fleetingyouth

    Should I replace these sprockets?

    Need to get a new chain and trying to figure out if I need sprokets too. I've read all the threads and most of the forum opinions but I really dont know what wear looks like on a sproket. The images ive seen all show extreme or a lot of wear but mine just look like they always have to me...
  16. fleetingyouth

    Oil Change with metal in oil?

    Just did my oil change which was overdue but the bike has only been used for commuting this summer and the oil looked pretty good. I've been having some issues with the bike and haven't been able to diagnose so I checked the pan after draining for metal. I have two issues right now that have...
  17. fleetingyouth

    Clunking sound before and after DCT shifts

    I left my house today and I noticed a weird clunking sound. It sounded exactly like the sound the DCT makes when it shifts into gear just softer. It was doing it in 1st-3rd gear and I also heard it clearly right before it would shift and right after it would shift. Almost like one clutch...
  18. fleetingyouth

    Anyone have an EK chain?

    Lookin at new chains and wondering if anyone has a MVZX2 or ZVX3 chain by EK? I know a lot of people have the DID but I'm vain and kinda want a red chain haha Also anyone seen a decent rear sprocket in red?
  19. fleetingyouth

    Anyone Painted, vinyle wrap, or plastidip their Rims?

    Hey all, I really want red rims on my bike. I'm pretty sure ive seen a few bikes on here with painted rims but cant remember who and how they were painted. Ive done a bunch of plastidip projects and have several parts dipped on the bike so have been thinking of doing that. But I'm not...
  20. fleetingyouth

    Aluminum Swingarm Swap: Favorite Mod Ive Done

    Hey All, Awhile back a user posted on the UK forum showing the Aluminum swing arm from a Honda NC750 Integra was a bolt on fit for the NC750x So I asked around and figured it would work for my NC700x. I picked one up on ebay from Italy and just finally got it swapped. I'm not sure but I...