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  1. Sandspike


    Great anti-theft device that comes standard on the NC700/750X DCT is the park brake. 1 in 10000 people know what that dang thing is. Maybe less!
  2. Sandspike

    Grand Tour of Texas 2022 Open for Registration now

    I have ridden in this for the last two years and will again this year. It is a great way to get out and see our great state. There are 50 picture stops that are interesting and sometimes historic. If you get half done you are a finisher and get a great Patch for your vest or jacket and a rocker...
  3. Sandspike

    Question 700 vs 750

    Is it just me or do you agree, the NC700X looks much better than the NC750x.
  4. Sandspike

    Metal pillion seat?

    Who makes the metal pillion seat replacement with the hole so you can fuel up without opening it up? Do you have one and how do you like/dislike it?
  5. Sandspike

    Tried a new plug in my NC700XD

    I tried the E3 plugs and have run them for a couple weeks and like them. I didn’t need new plugs as I had Champion Iridium plugs with apx 20000 miles but the E3 claims to give better performance. Also I felt that the bike had lost acceleration when trying to pass at highway speeds. The first...
  6. Sandspike

    Need Help Annoying click/clacking noise 2012 NC700X DCT

    When accelerating or maintaining speed i hear a clack/clack repeating sound that increases frequency with speed and in every gear. (Other than gear change clunks) noise disappears with reduced throttle and load on engine is removed. At 30 mph it repeats at about 1 sec. interval. No such noise...
  7. Sandspike

    Question Has your DCT ever done this?

    I jumped on the highway and punched up to 75mph and looked down and noticed that i was in 5th gear. So I flicked the + paddle to up it to 6th. No joy it was stuck in 5th gear. So i put it in manual and pushed + and still no shift, but it would down shift. It was like DCT thought 5th was top...
  8. Sandspike

    Motorcycle Grand Tour of TEXAS (.com)

    Are any of you doing this competitive tour on your NCX this year, I am contestant 735. Hope to see you out there.
  9. Sandspike

    Still in LOVE

    As of the end of January, I have owned my 2012 NC700X DCT for two years and I still love this bike. I have made many changes to make her fit me such as: Crash Bars, radiator guard, solid aluminum drop pegs 1.5 in., 2 in. handlebar risers, 22 in. Madstad Windshield <Best improvement), White...
  10. Sandspike

    How to make a NC700X look good to

    Take her to o Big Bend National Park.
  11. Sandspike

    Larger Rear Sprocket on DCT

    :DI accidentally ordered Chain and Sprockets for the non DCT version. When I got them in and checked the book.....OOPS. So I thought about it and then found a post in here where someone else had done the same and installed the larger rear sprocket and liked the results, so I thought why not try...
  12. Sandspike

    I took my NC700D to the worst road in Big Bend Nat Park and....

    It was not good! The road is in Black Gap Canyon. It has many washes that had deep and wet sand (recent rain), many sharp drops and rises, and its all loose sand, boulders, gravel and baby heads. If it had not been for David Lewis in his new Toyota Tundra pulling me up "the wall" i would have...
  13. Sandspike

    To Ring or not to Ring (O/X ring chains)

    Seems to me that the purpose of the rubber ring chains is to try to preserve them for the absent minded croud (like me). They can survive longer without external oiling. So i got to thinking...why O-rings when you have a chain oiler. It doesnt need O-rings to seal the oil in and the o-rings just...
  14. Sandspike

    Its nice to have a choice in rides.

    This is a post that I wrote for the Burg-nerds and put in the BurgmanUSA.com forum that I thought you NC-nerds would like to read it too: Now that I have had NC700XD for a month and put 500 miles on it and have had my 2012 Burgman650 for over a year. I have made a few conclusions like...they...
  15. Sandspike

    Old fart/new bike

    Found a 2012 XD that was desecrating a Harley dealership. It had 8300 mi and all 3 Honda branded boxes on it but no road rash. Ran great so I bought it for $3500 . It looks great next to my Burgman 650. So far I’m loving both bikes for different reasons. BTW I’m near 65 and love to go on long...