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  1. melensdad

    Not riding related but it was a heck of a good 24 hours

    Crazy 24 hours for my family. Kobe our part time foster son just turned 21 months old. He has been in our care since he was 2 months old. He arrived underweight and tiny. He is now thriving and happy and healthy and fun. Our daughter's birthday is today. She is 27. And a successful lawyer...
  2. melensdad

    2021 NC750x up for Motorcycle of the Year award?

    Interesting take on the Honda NC750x from Motorcycle.com Article was posted 2 days ago, not sure how I missed it but I finally saw it today. Good read. Great bike. Honestly I don't know why more bikes are not like the NC750x. But that is the loss of the other brands. Honda clearly has a...
  3. melensdad

    Tennis Elbow - Golf Elbow from riding a motorcycle?

    3 years ago I was diagnosed with "tennis elbow" for pain on the outside of my forearm. Doctor said it was related to motorcycle riding. This morning I was diagnosed with "golf elbow" for pain on the inside of my forearm. Both injuries are treated similarly, wear a tennis elbow strap, rest my...
  4. melensdad

    5000+ motorcycles, fighter jets, bring home a fallen hero

    Some of my friends in my shooting group that live in central Indiana were riders in this escort. https://fox59.com/news/honoring-a-hoosier-hero-procession-for-corporal-humberto-sanchez-happening-today/ Honoring a Hoosier hero: Corporal Humberto Sanchez’s body returned to Indiana hometown...
  5. melensdad

    ABS brakes should probably be a 'deal killer' on new street bikes

    Based on a new Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study, which heavily footnotes a bunch of prior studies, it sure looks like ABS brakes not only help newer riders but also help experienced riders. Further, it concludes ABS brakes not only reduce deaths, they reduce the severity of injuries...
  6. melensdad

    FOR SALE: Size L, FirstGear RushAir jacket + Alpinestars back protector

    I think the jacket was $169. The back protector was $45. I used it for about 1 season. But I had a KLIM Apex Air and then bought a KLIM Induction Pro. So I simply don't need this one. It has been hanging in the closet. Almost new condition. No stains, snags or tears. Never been crash...
  7. melensdad

    FOR SALE: brand new GIVI PL1121CAM rack for side cases for 2013/2019 CB500x

    Anyone here have a Honda CB500x for 2013 to 2019 model years. Please confirm fitment prior to purchase. But my information shows those years. I can make you a heck of a deal on a factory fresh, still in the packaging, never used, New Old Stock GIVI Part # PL1121CAM luggage rack for side...
  8. melensdad

    SOLD: Warm & Safe remote heat controller

    $30 shipped to your door, Continental US addresses This is a remote unit, single channel. Used. Worked the last time I used it. What is in the photos is what is included.
  9. melensdad

    SOLD: ROX Risers for NC750x + GoCruise Throttle Lock: New, no box

    Set of ROX risers for sale. Brand new. Never installed. Wife wanted them. Then changed her mind before I installed them but after I threw away the packaging. Also throwing in a GoCruise 2 throttle lock, tried using it, didn't work for me. Many others love them, I don't. GoCruise includes...
  10. melensdad

    For Sale: Honda NC700x750x crash bar/light bar - OEM 2016 to 2020

    $120 including shipping to destinations in the Continental USA Brand new, still in the packaging, genuine Honda parts. Crash bar/Light bar for model years 2016 through 2020 NC700x and NC750x motorcycles. It might fit 2012 through 2015 model years but I'm not positive of that so you should...
  11. melensdad

    Rebuilding a Russell's Day Long Saddle

    Most of us don't like the stock seat that comes from Honda. On my bike I replaced it with a Corbin, which helped a lot. On my wife's bike I replaced it with a Russell's Day Long. But while the Day Long is superbly comfortable while riding, it is a pain in the legs at stop lights. Russell's...
  12. melensdad

    Farewell Buckie, hit and killed on August 15, days after retirement

    Another death. Not a Hoosier native but he lived here the last 5 years. Coached fencing at Notre Dame, retired from N.D. after the end of the collegiate season a couple months ago. He then coached the US Olympic Team in Tokyo a couple weeks ago, bringing home the 1st USA individual Gold Medal...
  13. melensdad

    Air pumps . . . what do you carry?

    Just ordered one of these "Stop & Go" mini air compressors for carrying on my motorcycle. I hope it works. There are a lot of good reviews and some bad reviews too. I actually wanted a different compressor but it is out of stock and a new model is supposed to have been available this month...
  14. melensdad

    KLIM Induction Pro jacket review

    I've been riding with the KLIM Induction Pro jacket for about a month and am very very pleased with this jacket. First off, this jacket flows a TON of air. I've been wearing a First Gear Rush AIR jacket and was actually pretty happy with that jacket. I had one minor gripe with the collar but...
  15. melensdad

    Nova Scotia? Route 66 to California? Where to go?

    We are having our foster son "transitioned" from our home. That is government talk for they are taking our baby away from us. We got him at 2 months old. He is now 16 months old. We are the only parents he know but his maternal grandmother has now been awarded custody. So we will have time...
  16. melensdad

    Personal Locator Beacon or Satellite Communicator?

    Been thinking about her peace of mind and seriously considering getting a PLB or a Satellite Communicator but wondering if they are actually practical for motorcycle use in case of an emergency. In ALL cases the unit needs to be stuck to your BODY and not to your BIKE because if you are injured...
  17. melensdad

    What Weather App do you use for local weather?

    What weather App or Apps are you using for localized weather and how good area? I've been using the standard weather app that comes free with my iPhone. I've also tried AccuWeather and WeatherBug. But all have disappointed as they seem to be based on the same national forecast data and the...
  18. melensdad

    TPMS ... who uses them? what brand?

    Who is using a Tire Pressure Monitoring System? Are they worth it? Is yours connected to your smartphone? Or do you have a readout on your bike? Is your's powered by a rechargeable battery or do you replace batteries?
  19. melensdad

    Dear Lord please help ... ;-)

  20. melensdad

    NON-bike related: 2 drink celebration tonight

    Just happy tonight. 3 years ago I started on a journey with a young Russian saber fencing student who became my student. When she left Russia she was ranked 8th in the country individually and was on the Gold Medal winning Russian saber team. I met her at 16 years old when she showed up at my...