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  1. BosS DaWg!!

    BosS DaWg!!

    Just some pics of me and my life... :)
  2. Jay Fridays

    CONTINENTAL MOTION TIRES ?!?! Front/Rear set for $179 total

    SO I have found another great tire that some may want to consider. It is just about the same price (about $169/set that I found) but still way below others options. I have found this tire to be everything the CM was and more. They are SERIOUSLY STICKY and have a much better tread life...
  3. Jay Fridays

    I Spy 5000m Alarm install

    I had paid to have mine installed by an auto-alarm company. It was only $150 and saved me a lot of headache, confusion and--most likely--physical pain and suffering…lol
  4. Jay Fridays

    Does anyone have the key code for the 2012???

    Well… from what I gather this guy is saying, I think it will have a general letter or beginning that will be a way for him to select the key type. Or he could just be trying to rip me off. Because he said he normally makes keys from scratch "no template" for $115, but want $200 for mine cause i...
  5. Jay Fridays

    Does anyone have the key code for the 2012???

    I recently lost my key, and the locksmiths want to charge me double to make a key because I do not have the "Code"... Any suggestions??? ps. I did write it down on my user manual, but lost the manual while moving. The dealer does not have it; I called them as well
  6. Jay Fridays

    Re-key Honda panniers

    Hello. Great THread !! I was just curious, because you seem to have some good experience with locks. I recently lost my bike key, and am having a hard time getting the "code" to have it cut. Do you by chance know the code for the 2012-13 model?
  7. Jay Fridays


    I still think the JMV is the BEST looking tail kit available… it is super clean… It takes some extra work, and mechanical know-how to get it to fit PERFECTLY… But it is well worth the work… Take a look at the tail piece in my pics. It uses the original light--unlike the other Twisted Throttle...
  8. Jay Fridays


    Nope. No bracket came with mine.there are wholesale and a flat surface integrated in the tail to use as a backplate. But I use a custom bracket with the helmet lock built in... Check my pics .. you can use a backplate, or just bolt your plate to the tail
  9. Jay Fridays

    So what did you do TO your NC700 today.

    Changed the oil and filter… refilled with beautiful, clean HP4S synthetic… then looked over and saw the brand new clutch filter I forgot to replace before refilling with oil… ARHG !!!!!!! :mad:
  10. Jay Fridays

    2014: What did you do WITH your NC700 today?

    That's semantics… Should I add a " What did you do ON your NC700x today"? …lol :rolleyes: J/k Confusing for us simple folk…. I will delete and move it… :)
  11. Jay Fridays

    USB Port Installation Tutorial

    I just plug this 12v adapter into my 12v socket installed in the frunk. I can charge two USB devices (usually our phones) at the same time. I choose to install my 12v in this way so I can plug something in without the charger protruding into the center of the frunk space. Much more space...
  12. Jay Fridays

    Tires: Continental "motion" report

    I still stand by these. I really like these tires.. I replaced the set again because of flat tires ( I had the back sealed about 5 times, decided to replace ) I will continue to replace with these. For my city and highway riding, these feel perfect, are durable, and cheap…. A+++
  13. Jay Fridays

    NC700X vs CTX700N

    maybe... if I lived in that area… i would be tempted to sell my NC for this..
  14. Jay Fridays

    NC700X vs CTX700N

    While having my NC serviced, I sat on the CTX. I have to admit - despite it's fugly appearance - the CTX seat was waaaaaaaay more comfortable…. I was upset that they didn't have a similar seat for the NC… But I can't express how much better the NC looks (again, just personal opinion)
  15. Jay Fridays

    is it worthy to get nc750x over nc700???

    It's all about the throttle control. I have the 700x DCT and I have gotten into 70-80's in 5th gear (D mode). If you crank it, she'll stay in lower gears….
  16. Jay Fridays

    is it worthy to get nc750x over nc700???

    That's the funniest thing I've heard all day….lol All that glitters is definitely not gold, my friend…..
  17. Jay Fridays

    New Mirrors, Anybody ?!? Let's see em'...

    The right hand mirror is reverse-threaded. I think the left is too, but I can't remember. Definitely the right though
  18. Jay Fridays

    New Mirrors, Anybody ?!? Let's see em'...

    JS, As long as it's the same 10mm diameter, I don't see why not. But I can't remember if it is…. The threading will be opposite though. So back to righty-tighty again….lol