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  1. Rocker66

    Farkaling finally complete (at least for now)

    Had the first service done today and the final farkles were fitted. The list is now -: Lowering kit Modified side stand Fenda Extenda R&G Rad grill Givi Crash Bars Givi spotlights S&W Motech footrests Tom Tom rider satnav and hard wired cradle Shad seat Givi carrier Givi Trekker...
  2. Rocker66

    About to return to the fold

    Not a new member but an old one returning. In December 2013 I was knocked of my NTV700 which had replaced my NC700X. The bike was totalled and I had serious injuries to my right foot which is still causing me a few problems. I could no longer mnage to move my CBF1000 around so that was sold. I...
  3. Rocker66

    A good reason to always wear the correct gear

    Having just spent 3 1/2 weeks in hospital awaiting an operation to fix multiple fractures to my right foot following being t-boned by a car driver I can only stress the importance of wearing the correct gear at all times. I was only riding home from work but had proper bike boots on. The surgeon...
  4. Rocker66

    Price of bikes

    In todays MCN they listed the5 cheapest new bikes on sell in the UK 3 of which cost in excess of £1000. It doesn't seem that long ago (although I suppose it was) that I bought my first Beemer and everybody said "over a grand for a bike you must be Flippin mad or or maybe the first word was...
  5. Rocker66

    Honda Questionaire in UK

    Honda UK have sent out a very comprehensive questionnaire for owners of CBF125s CBR600RRs and yes you have guessed it the NC700 so they must consider the NC one of their important models
  6. Rocker66

    Imagine the insurance claim

    Can you imagine the look on the insurance company employee when he read this motorist claim form :) Submarine breaks surface of Milan STREET in marketing stunt that left bystanders baffled | Mail Online
  7. Rocker66

    X in very good company

    The X makes top 10 buys of 2013 list 10 Best Buys In 2013 Motorcycles - Popular Mechanics
  8. Rocker66

    My bike riding days are through

    Sadly it looks as though my bike riding days are through. My wife heard today that she is redundant and as we exist on my money and hers pays for the bikes and holidays it looks as though the bikes will have to go. at 65 she is hardly likely to get another job
  9. Rocker66

    Listen to this before choosing DCT :)

    Listen to this before operating a DCT. then wait until you have stopped laughing before riding :) Guy calls BMW to Complain MUST LISTEN SO FUNNY!!!! - YouTube
  10. Rocker66

    Off for a week.

    I'm just getting ready to take the CBF 1000 up to Scotland for a weeks break so I will not be posting for a while. Hooray! I hear someone yell :) Play nicely whilst I'm gone :)
  11. Rocker66

    Tales of corrosion in the UK

    On the UK forum there are now quite a few postings regarding corrosion on NCs especially with paint flaking off the swinging arm. I know our climate is bad but surely the bikes should have survived at least one winter without this
  12. Rocker66

    Our bikes

    Just thought maybe some of you might like to see the bikes that sue and I are riding these days My apologies to anyone who doesn't feel that these should be posted on a NC forum
  13. Rocker66

    NC off road article

    In this weeks issue of Motor Cycle News there is an article by Wes Siler a British born journalist now based in L.A. who also happens to be a friend of my wife’s. The article is about off road riding and the NC features strongly in it with very positive comments
  14. Rocker66

    The NC has gone

    Today I finally traded my NC for a new Honda NT 700 Deauville. This was the model that I had prior to the NC
  15. Rocker66

    Your fantasy ride?

    Saw this thread on another forum and it resulted in some interesting and/or amusing posts. If you cold have a fantasy ride without the boring constraints of time & money what would it be. Please name 1)Bike 2) location/Route 3) Pillion or riding partner Plus possibly your reasons...
  16. Rocker66

    Goodbye NC hello Deauville

    Today I arranged to trade my NC against a new Honda Deauville a model which sadly Honda are dropping. As I find this forum interesting and mainly friendly if it's OK by Dennis and the majority of members I would like to stick around
  17. Rocker66

    Very tempted

    Whilst getting a hugger fitted to my CBF1000FA at Kent M/Cs I met up with Dave from the UK forum. We were both looking at the new bikes and a black Deauville in particular. I could be very tempted depending on finances
  18. Rocker66

    Other bikes with a frunk

    Reading a copy of Practical Sports Bike magazine I came across a mention of a bike that has it's fuel in the bellypan and a storage area in the dummy tank. Storage area smaller than the frunk but the same basic idea. The bike is a 1997 Bimota BB1 Supermono. Another bike that had a false tank...
  19. Rocker66

    Looking for a nin HID headlight improvement

    I want to improve the headlight on my X but as it's my commuter bike I don't want to go to the expense ( + I don't have the expertise) of a HID conversion. Has anyone just fitted a better bulb and if so which one and how much of an improvement was it?
  20. Rocker66

    DCT Video (Sorry if it has been posted before)

    Not sure if this has been posted before if so I apologise Honda NC700X DCT Auto Review - Owner's Demo - YouTube