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    X-Ring Chain Disintegrate?

    More oil is not necessarily better…… attracts dirt and dust, making perfect grinding compound. More oil just makes a mess on the rear wheel and adjacent parts. More oil can force the factory lube out of the oring sealed chain. Oring chain needs just enough oil to keep the rust away,
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    Question Removing spark plugs for valve adjustment?

    Not sure that theory has merit because even with old bikes with electronic ignition: Older bikes gapped at .6-.7mm. Conventional electrode material new bikes like the NC gap at 1.0mm to 1.1mm with iridium material The new bike gapping is 30-40% larger with no noticeable change in coil...
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    Powder coating my wheels.

    Just a word of caution…….there are 10’s of 1000’s of broken rims in cars and trucks. Many of which had low profile tires and sharp edge pot holes, rough rail road tracks, curbs and other large road defects. Low profile tires often play a very large part of the rim damage. So making...
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    T boned at 30.

    Just to conversation: it may not dollar damage for dollar of actual value. Total loss calculations vary by location ( state/country laws) Some use a total loss threshold, which can vary between 50% and 100%. Many use the total loss threshold of 70% of actual value.
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    T boned at 30.

    Sorry to hear of your misfortune. The bike is totaled………a tip over in the parking the bike is technically totaled as far insurance goes. So the accident you experienced there is no question the bike is totaled. For now concentrate on healing ………the bike will wait.
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    Sticking rear caliper?

    little more info on the ports:
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    Stalling issue

    It’s impossible for anyone on this forum to know if Honda has changed ( updated) the NC ECU software. The manufacturer ( HONDA) and maybe a well informed dealer technician would be the only persons that might know. Honda ECU software will have a part number assigned like 37805-5YF-C420. The...
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    DCT owners..just curious

    It’s the fall season in many areas……..wet leaves can be a slippery as ice. They are offering you a choice.……riders decision to use the feature.
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    Shift (ratio control) motor cleaning video

    I would add that it the motor internals have the distinctive burnt electrical windings smell……the motor is “toast”( ed). The symptom that goes along with the burnt smell is the shift motor works intermittently and often stop working when hot. Cools down the motors works again
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    Powder coating my wheels.

    As you experienced ……..Honda used at least 75 different variations of “RED” over the years. Add the complexity of paint then add the complexity of powder coat…….the matching is hit and miss with almost endless variables. I was matching the RED on 1960’s Honda generator and 1989 NT650 Hawk...
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    600 mile service

    There actually is a torque spec for the filter. Hand tightened is usually not tight enough if you happen care about the spec. Yes, few use a torque wrench on the filter. The factory does NOT hand tighten and uses the spec. Too loose would be bad thing. This has been discussed a dozen times...
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    How to reset the PGM-FI / MIL light from a safety fault?

    The other side of “evap leak” MIL can be slight different than hard set codes and many automotive MIL ( codes) also self cancel* when they see the problem is no longer present. Example if you would not disconnect the battery and just put the cap back on tight. The next key cycle the fuel...
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    How to reset the PGM-FI / MIL light from a safety fault?

    Disconnecting the battery ( even for week ) will NOT clear DTC. Years back that did work ………that changed when vehicle emissions testing arrived. Not related to motorcycles but……..They ( EPA) want to stop battery disconnect prior to testing to clear codes that would cause a failure. Later...
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    How to reset the PGM-FI / MIL light from a safety fault?

    Just for clarification the black and white photo is the HONDA factory shop manual. The paper clip or jump wire is used in place of the “Honda service check connector” which is loop of wire with a connector female cover. The loop connection is the brown and green wires in the bikes data port...
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    iPhones and Motorcycle Vibration

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Overheating ( direct sun) is a concern for phones and some GPS units that are less “hardened.”
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    Aftermarket exhaust and fuel efficiency

    Bigginger, no MOT inspections in Wales ?
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    Need Help Loss of power in 6th gear

    There have been multiple prior posts on this statement: “I've experienced a similar loss of power on previous trips but attributed it to a weak engine riding against a headwind or uphill.” The prior posts were variations of common or similar conditions : Fully loaded ( luggage, side bags...
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    Is Aerostitch worth it?

    Aerostich Falstaff custom build arrived before the estimated date. The Falstaff is waxed cloth vs Darian denier. I did buy sight unseen and added 1.5” sleeve length based on past Aerostich experience. The waxed cloth has a completely different look and feel Out of the box it feels broken in...
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    Stalling issue

    While it is true there’s no real idle adjustment. The idle is controlled by a servo motor on the side of the throttle body. The idle air controller is powered by the ECU. The servo spins a rotary valve that meters or controls the air flow at idle. It allows more air in cold to create a...
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    Question Rear wheel bearing (disc side) went bad at 54,000 mi. Going to replace all 3 bearings though, should I only buy bearings from Honda?

    When this has come up prior on the forum the bearing in the sprocket hub ref #20 in the diagram is proprietary* ( special size) and was not available at bearing supply houses. Note the ref # 20 does not have a bearing number just the size in mm. * special does not mean Honda made the bearing...