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    Russel Day Long Seat. Used Black Leather, heated. $400 plus shipping. US only

    Used Russell Day Long Seat for the NC700. Black leather, heated. It is used good condition, wear marks at the front corners. I am ”decontenting” my 2012 NC because it’s not getting many miles. Sold as is .........not recommend if you have a short inseam. If it does not work for you, sell...
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    SIDI Rain Boots Euro size 43 US size 9.5 $50.00. Free shipping in the US.

    For sale SIDI RAIN BOOT Black, very good condition. Euro size 43 US size. 9.5 $50.00. Free shipping in the US. Sold as is PAYPAL friends and family payment preferred. Shipped USPS with tracking. PM for more pictures or info.
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    Look what followed me home.........

    2017 vfr1200x dct.
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    OEM Honda new brake pads front and rear

    2012-2013 NC700XD AC front and rear brake pads. Should fit the DCT model. HONDA Part number front. 06455-MGS-D81. Retail price $56.45 discount $41.75 as per Revzilla HONDA part number rear 06435-MEJ-026. Retail price $65.31. Discount $48.13. As per Revzilla Please verify...
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    Twisted Throttle NC700

    Looks like TT is selling their test bike with all the MODS For Sale: 2012 Honda NC700X – Outfitted By Twisted Throttle No connection just an example of a bike with all the MODs.........
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    Any motorcyclist's worst nightmare

    Head on crash video that was on the TODAY show ..........
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    TKC possible supply problem ????

    For general information not know if this information is correct or accurate ........ This was posted at ADV Rider : Bad Batch TKC 80s (120/70-17) Just thought I would pass on my findings regarding the back-order of Continental's TKC 80s in the 120/70-17 size. Got off the...
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    Is it really April 10 ????????

    Even with brand new tires.........I don't think this is going work!!!!!!! Should have gone with the full knobby......
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    Vote in the age poll

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    Cold commute

    A little cool :eek:on the commute heated vest had a hard time keeping up: BUT the sun was warm :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
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    176 miles for dirt, gravel, and sand.......50 miles of asphalt

    Riding in the UP of Michigan............176 miles of snowmobile, jeep and ATV trails with dirt, gravel and some deep sand. All is good except the deep sand.......the wide front road tire and deep sand are not a great combination. new tires are in my future after I use more of the stock tire...
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    Things I can't complain about on my NC (AKA........ things I love)

    Things I love: 1. The PRICE 2. The "frunk" 3. Engine "power band" low end torque 4. MPG 5. The Fuel injection..........perfect fueling all the time, every time.
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    Hide a can of Fix-A-Flat on the NC ???

    Answer: Right side under the cowl cover next to the Frunk (multiple zip ties to hold it in place) Same place as others are installing horns. PS HOPE to never ever need to use it.....and if do use it, hope to be sharing it with the other guy on the road or trail :)
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    Seat mod......slope change

    The size and support are not a problem for me. The downward forward slope of the seat is a problem. This is not a NC only problem, as other Hondas have had this concern as well. The ST1300 is one that also suffers from the forward slope. ST riders have made adjustments to solve the problem...
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    Hand guards