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  1. Olythom

    My trusty bike is for sale

    “Skookum”, my trusty 2015 DCT bike is for sale in the classifieds. >Thom
  2. Olythom

    SOLD.. 2015 NC700X DCT - $3700

    THE perfect commuter bike....... Super easy to ride / Super reliable / Very nimble on the road Electronic Dual Clutch Auto or “Paddle-Shift” Manual transmission ABS 70+ mpg since purchase - almost always run on non-ethanol gas 25,130 miles - mostly 45mph commute @ 80+ mpg One owner Honda OEM...
  3. Olythom

    “I’ve Been Everywhere” - MISSION NEARLY COMPLETE

    Pretty remarkable tale of riding (and human interest)... This fellow has been posting for a couple of years regarding his attempt to ride to all of the cities in the Johnny Cash song - I’ve Been Everywhere, Man. There’s a long thread over on ADV Rider. And he’s almost completed his task...
  4. Olythom

    Stuck at work

    Sorry to bug you all but I am stuck at work with my shop manual at home. Hoping someone can give me some ideas before I get my wife to tow the trailer into town to get me. I have been commuting almost every day without issue. This morning, bike started up fine. 25 miles to work with no...
  5. Olythom

    Shad Seat for sale

    SOLD! Shad Seat for sale Sold - pending payment... The Shad is one of the more popular upgrade seats for the NC and this one is like new. It was a terrific step up from the stock seat. I now have a Russell Day-Long installed so will not need this any longer. This one is the "black/grey"...
  6. Olythom

    First "trip" on Skookum

    Well, after 2 years of commuting and riding in the nearby hills and woods, I finally loaded up all the bags and headed out for four days on the road. Had trouble deciding what to take and started out with way too much stuff to fit into the OEM top box and OEM panniers. Logical thoughts like -...
  7. Olythom

    Camera questions

    Hey, all you nc700 videographers. I have a GoPro and a Möbius. Which would you recommend for video recording on the NC - long road trip and some scenery? And.. What's the best mounting method and mounting location for general cruising? I cannot seem to find a flat spot anywhere that is not...
  8. Olythom

    2015 Seat Pans

    FOUND. THANKS GUYS. Hey Guys. I am in need of front and rear seat pans for my 2015 CN700x. I am going to have some new seats built and do not want to mess up the Shad seat that is currently on the bike. The Shad seat is very comfy but, for me, it doesn't quite fit. Let me know. I'd prefer...
  9. Olythom

    Chain Adjust with drop links

    OK... I am going to toss this out there to get recommendations from the technical wizards out there. Skookum has 12,000 miles in her and I have always kept the chain within specs. A while back, I installed a pair of home-made chrome-moly drop links and slid the front tubes to lower the...
  10. Olythom

    You're all right about The Seat

    I have almost 8k miles (one year) on Skookum now and have been commuting whenever the road's not icy. Daily commute is 45 minutes each way. I have read over and over about what a crappy seat the NC has and I never really bought it because, in all of my commuting, the seat never really bothered...
  11. Olythom

    Still learning and lucky

    For the first time since I started riding again, I had a fright this morning.... Riding to work in the right hand lane of a 4 lane / 40mph road. As I came upon a slow-moving semi in my lane, I swung out to take the next lane over. As soon as I pulled into that empty lane, there was an 8 foot...
  12. Olythom

    Front tire wearing out before the rear?

    5200 miles on the original Dunlops. Both tires are showing a worn strip just to the left of center. I guess that's the whole "crown of the road" thing, huh? The strange thing - to me at least - is that the front is already into the wear bars and the rear still has quite a ways to go before...
  13. Olythom

    Finding specs for a new front brake line

    I added handlebar risers and am not comfortable with the routing of the front brake hose coming from the master cylinder. After the riser install, the hose just seems a little too tight when the bars are turned full-lock I would think that the right answer is a hose that is a couple inches...
  14. Olythom

    When you reach a certain age...

    Not allowed back to the public pool anymore. Yesterday, the lifeguard caught me peeing in the pool. He screamed so loud, it scared me and I almost fell in.
  15. Olythom

    Re-key Honda panniers

    I bought some Honda panniers on ebay after seeing a link in this forum. Nice boxes. They came with one key. Not unexpectedly, they would not open with my ignition key. Not wanting to carry around an extra key, I figured out how to re-key them so the panniers will open with my (Skookum's)...
  16. Olythom

    Pants for short guys

    I'm just getting back into the world of commuting on motorcycles after a very long layoff. I've read through quite a few threads and haven't found a solid answer to... What pants would you recommend for a guy who is a 36 waist and a 29 inseam? I've tried a couple and have run into problems...