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  1. bigbird

    2021: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    Report on effect of clutch initialization: I thought the transmission was smooth and quiet from the factory, but after doing the clutch initialization at 2500km, I am really amazed at how smoothly and quietly the DCT shifts now. This procedure really should be in the owner's manual. But of...
  2. bigbird

    Hello, new here.

    I have a '20 DCT and I can whack my throttle open from a stop with no hint of hesitation or stalling.
  3. bigbird

    NC750x vs Tiger 800 ?

    I'm 6'1" and Knight Industries lowered footpegs helped a lot. I believe the '14 to '20 pegs for the NC should fit the '21 model as well.
  4. bigbird

    2021: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    Did my first DCT clutch initialization. Figured it was time as the clutch plates have bedded in by now. I'll report back next ride on the changes in shifting and clutching, if any are even noticeable. I was noticing some chattering vibration through the footpegs below 15 kph lately when braking...
  5. bigbird

    Installing GPS - need help about a Fuse box

    Honda hasn't upped any wire sizes, it's still 7.5A for the Honda accessory harness. The nice thing about fuse blocks is that the main positive wire running to the battery is spec'd to handle 30-40A, and sometimes even more. Eastern Beaver's PC-8 fuse block is designed to handle 60A total, 40A...
  6. bigbird

    Installing GPS - need help about a Fuse box

    Since you have the oldest generation of NC, you have lots of room behind the left and right upper covers. You can mount a fuse block easily in the gaps between the covers and the inner panels. I use an Eastern Beaver fuse block, and they make custom wire harnesses specifically for the NC to make...
  7. bigbird

    2021: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    Regarding something I did to my NC today, I added a GIVI EA116 tank bag, and replaced my other top box, a GIVI V47NN with a Kappa KGR 46 Garda top box. I still use my smaller GIVI WL901 weightless top box most of the time. The reason I went from the V47 to the Kappa KGR46 was about the shape and...
  8. bigbird

    Out the door price on a 21 DCT

    No dealer is discounting Honda bikes in my neck of the woods. Full MSRP + freight and setup fees. Dealers here are willing to discount accessories, but that's all.
  9. bigbird


    I wished they had brought the Forza 750 to Canada, but no such luck. My second choice was the NC750X DCT, which of course I bought. I owned a 2009 Silverwing for 4 years before getting my Goldwing F6B. The Silverwing was a decent ride; very comfortable for 2 up and decent power for the highway...
  10. bigbird

    iPhones and Motorcycle Vibration

    I just read this article warning about the potential damage to an iPhone's camera by mounting it to any motorcycle. I didn't write this, I'm just the messenger...
  11. bigbird

    Need Help Someone to Test Ride My 2018 750X - Stamford CT

    And it will throw a MIL warning.
  12. bigbird

    Stalling issue

    A copy/paste update from an owner in the Netherlands, posted on a FB NC750 group: "2021 DCT Stalling update Today I took my 2021 NC DCT to the Honda dealer as I experienced my 1st engine stall last weekend when pulling away from traffic lights. The chief technician at my dealer just won the...
  13. bigbird

    Stalling issue

    This issue only affects '21 models with DCT. The throttle control system was changed for the '21s to drive by wire (electronic) instead of cables that actuate the throttle butterfly, which yours and all pre-'21 models use. It seems the ECM programming might need to be changed for the '21s to...
  14. bigbird

    Rear Fender-Mud Guard

    There are 6 screws that hold the under fender up onto the plastic tail light fender. You might need a stubby Phillips (JIS is better) to remove a couple that are directly above the top of the tire. Once the screws are out, you need to gently pry that under fender off, as there are tabs holding...
  15. bigbird

    Stalling issue

    I'm curious how long did it take for a new software version to be available to dealerships to fix the issue once it was reported. Fred H on the GL forum appears to be the guy pushing the internal friction thing. Until a Honda reflash is available, it certainly can't hurt anything to try and make...
  16. bigbird

    Stalling issue

    I read an interesting related topic on a GL1800 forum. The same issue was affecting a significant number of ride by wire 2018 and newer Goldwing DCT's. A top Goldwing guru with ties to Honda Japan suggested it may be possibly the ECM idle control that the new throttle by wire system employs...
  17. bigbird

    2021 with Givi V37 panniers

    Nothing against Admore quality, but their prices are nuts for what they're supplying. But I think Clearwater takes the cake for outrageous pricing.
  18. bigbird

    My horse doesn't run over 150kph

    Put some poutine in the tank and drape a Montreal Canadiens jersey over the seat and you're guaranteed to hit 180 kph :)
  19. bigbird

    Aftermarket exhaust and fuel efficiency

    Delkevic also makes other styles for the NC. From what I've read Scorpion is a popular slip-on in Europe. Not so much in N. America.
  20. bigbird

    Aftermarket exhaust and fuel efficiency

    I have a Delkevic 9" stainless steel on my NC. Highly recommended. Click on this link to some pics and a sound clip: ----> #32