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    Chain Guard Wanted.

    I need a chain guard for my 2014. Probably the same for all the year models so if you have one you are looking to get rid of please message me. Thanks.
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    For Sale 2014 Seat, Excellent condition.

    I bought my NC700X in 2016 and rode it for about 100 miles when I decided the seat will be replaced. I replaced it and stored the OEM seat. Cleaning out my clutter and now it is for sale, $50 plus shipping or pick up if in the New Orleans area. The seat is as good as the day it was made.
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    Tall Touring Windshield $30.00

    Tall touring windshield, good condition. $30.00 plus shipping.
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    Shop Manual Like New $25.00

    Honda shop manual NC700X for model years 2012 - 2015. Manual is like new. $25 plus shipping via media mail.
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    Installation of Honda Tall Touring windscreen

    Does someone have a close up photo of the Honda Tall Touring windscreen mounted? I just bought one use with the mounting bracket but I have no idea how it goes together. A photo would be appreciated or a link to a site with instructions. Thanks a lot.
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    Fuel mileage with and w/o side cases

    I installed my Shad side cases and took the bike for its first shakedown ride with them in place. The bike is new, about 750 miles on it and up to the time I put the bags on I was averaging about 75 mpg. This is taking it easy on acceleration and cruising speed. Today with the bags my...
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    Shad SH36 cases and Mounting brackets

    Thanks to posters on this forum, I saved $227 purchasing the Shad SH36 sidecases and the mounting brackets. The cases are well put together, include an extra lockset in the event you later purchase a topcase so that one key fits all cases and they are very smart looking. I got the cases off of...
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    Touring on the highways and byways

    Some of the best trips I've taken is when I avoided the interstates and pointed the bike in the direction I wanted to go and just went. I would like to do so on a scale that is planned and not just serendipitous. I would like to make a trip from Louisiana toward the Canadian border and would...
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    Experience with ProCaliber

    Has anyone had a negative experience with ProCaliber? On the 24th I placed an order for a front and rear sprocket for a W650 and three oil filters for my NC700 to bring the total cost to the free shipping total. They sent an email with the order number and an expect date for the shipment of next...
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    Using your comprehensive insurance policy.

    I have read several posts where individuals had problems with the bike due to debris on the roadway, potholes, etc. I will relate an incident a friend had with his Mercedes diesel several years ago. He struck a deep pothole that punctured a hole in his oil pan. He had a oil pressure gauge but no...
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    First tank of gas, 73 mpg!

    Today I just emptied my first tank of gas, went 215 miles and took 2.93 gallons. This equates to 73 mpg and I am pleasantly surprised. The flashing fuel level came on at about 195 miles and I pushed it until I got to my home station where they sell alcohol free fuel. Six miles out it was...
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    The Initial 600 mile inspection

    I've got a new NC700X and have just over 200 miles. If I do the 600 mile inspection and required oil and filter change myself do I chance voiding my warranty if I have a problem down the line? I would use honda oil and filter and keep the receipts. It is more a question of convenience doing it...
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    Hello from Covington, Louisiana

    After several weeks of browsing the different manufacturers, I narrowed it down to the 650 Versys ABS or the NC700X. I really wanted an ABS bike but they are in short supply in the Honda stable. I got a good deal, I think, on a new 2014 NC700X out the door for $5,700. It is the go fast red one...