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  1. melensdad

    Personal Locator Beacon or Satellite Communicator?

    Interesting observation, superficially it seems like the 10 minute tracking is hit & miss with the electronic breadcrumbs from the SPOT X. Yesterday while out for a few hours I was intentionally hitting the "Check In" button frequently. I also stopped several times for about 10 minutes each...
  2. melensdad

    Helmets, speakers and ear plugs

    I know I have resurrected a zombie thread, bringing this back from its death in 2016, but several of the more recent Earplug threads were brand specific and I didn't want to derail them. Yesterday I rode for the first time with Earplugs + Cardo + Arai helmet. First off I have to admit that I...
  3. melensdad

    2012 Honda CBR250R, Black on Black, 462 original miles!

    I really wish Idaho was closer to Indiana, that would be a fun little bike. My wife would probably kill me if I bought it, I'm already parking 1 car outside because we have too many toys inside.
  4. melensdad

    2021: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    Went out for a 3 hour ride ... but decided not to test the load capacity of this footbridge that I found at the end of a gravel track. Weather was great. Sunshine, low humidity and mid-70's (F).
  5. melensdad

    Dear Lord please help ... ;-)

  6. melensdad

    chain oiler

    Looks like a version of the Slovak designed Cobrra-NEMO2 Chain Oiler, copied and sold now by several different places under several different brand names. I have the Gibidi version on 2 of our bikes. If you do a search on here for NEMO2 chain oilers you will several posts scattered about. It...
  7. melensdad

    Dear Lord please help ... ;-)

  8. melensdad

    Tall windshield

    I'm a strong advocate of the Madstad for the pre-21 model year bikes and suspect the 21+ model Madstads will be very good. If you have hand guards you may need to slightly modify the width of the lower portion of your Madstad to accommodate the hand guards are full turn. Maybe not. A few...
  9. melensdad

    Dear Lord please help ... ;-)

  10. melensdad

    Shoes Instead of Boots

    If it looks like SPAM and sounds like SPAM . . . not sure what this has to do with motorcycles
  11. melensdad

    What apps do you use?

    The ONE APP that I totally forgot about, but that I use every time I go out on the bike, is actually my weather app. I use DARK SKY, which does cost $3.99 to buy, but it is, by far, the most accurate weather app that I have ever used. Stunningly accurate, in fact. While most apps will tell...
  12. melensdad

    Dear Lord please help ... ;-)

  13. melensdad

    2021: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    Nothing! Brother in Law and his wife were in town for the past week. It has been hard to break away for any rides over the past 7 days. I got in a few hours on Thursday, a couple 15-25 mile trips to run errands during the week, but basically my riding has been dramatically curtailed. They...
  14. melensdad

    Bike Shopping

    Changing, adding or maintaining brake fluid on a bike with ABS vs non-ABS will essentially be the same. For me, for a daily rider or touring bike ABS is a must have feature.
  15. melensdad

    New member welcome thread..

    What do you want to know? Just start a thread and ask.
  16. melensdad

    What apps do you use?

    I fixed your post. You are welcome.
  17. melensdad

    Dear Lord please help ... ;-)

  18. melensdad

    What apps do you use?

    Personally I dislike REVER Never heard of the other 2 apps. REVER was pushed by Honda a year or two ago. I already had SCENIC installed and love it. REVER seemed to duplicate what SCENIC already offered and didn't seem to have any serious advantages over what I already had. I tried to like...
  19. melensdad

    2021: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    I did go past a museum, but didn't stop. I presume that is Kerstings? Honestly I didn't pay much attention. I saw the big sign, but was more intent on riding than on stopping. There was also an old train museum that I bypassed, very likely I will return and make a future visit to see their...