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    Kali helmets?

    I posted in a different area of the forum then found this area. Anyone know anything about Kali helmets? They look good on paper (marketing) but I've never seen one in person. Kali Motorsports Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Kali Performance helmets?

    Probably not the right area for this but I don't see anything better... Never heard of Kali before today (well, Kali Linux but that's different...). $350 for a composite full-face helmet ($450 for carbon fiber) which meets DOT, AMA, FIM, CCS, and WERA standards. Self-healing, carbon...
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    Add running/brake to turn signals?

    So I'm giving up on adding lights to the Givi truck for now. I've used the kit below on an old bike and liked it but it's only for round turn signals. Anyone know of a similar kit which would fit the NC turn signals? Turn Signal to Running/Turn/Brake Light conversion kit (stem-mounted turn...
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    Fork protectors

    I keep saying I'll pick up a set of like protectors which kept bugs off the lower part of the fork tubes. Or the neoprene sleeves. But I never get around to it. Then it occurred to me that I have several sheets of kydex sitting around... I made a cardboard template, covered the kydex in...
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    Givi lighting

    I've looked but didn't see any topics covering this but it's possible I didn't look far enough. Feel free to redirect me to another thread if I've missed something. I know there's AdMore lights for for my Givi luggage: V46 TOP CASE - LED KIT (TS) - AdMore Lighting Inc. V35 SIDE CASE - LED...
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    RaceTech install - brazing?

    The instructions from RaceTech were generic and mentioned brazing the hole on the left (if it's for a certain purpose). I've never heard anyone mention doing that so is it necessary I the nc700? Sent from my ASUS_Z01HD using Tapatalk
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    Different headlight housing from '2012?

    So I was looking at the fiche for the 2012 nc700x and noticed this: HEADLIGHT UNIT 33110-MGS-305 (replaces 33110-MGS-J31) Anyone know if it was simply a change in part numbers or if there's actually a difference in the two? I would assume the new one is different (better?) but it's $248...
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    Windshield choices

    Short story... I've been out of riding for a couple years, change jobs, moved to Tulsa, got married, and have dusted off the nc700 to start riding regularly again. My wife picked up the Sena 30K radio kit but I can't hear her over the wind noise once I get to 45mph (I wear ear plugs and don't...
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    Saddlemen touring seat kit - review

    Short story to start... I agreed to buy the bike and asked the dealer to give me a day to sign papers at the bank (already approved, just had to make it official). They left it on the floor so others could look at it in case I didn't come through and someone tore the seat. When I arrived...