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  1. bigbird

    iPhones and Motorcycle Vibration

    I just read this article warning about the potential damage to an iPhone's camera by mounting it to any motorcycle. I didn't write this, I'm just the messenger...
  2. bigbird

    How To Delkevic muffler install on an NC750X

    Here's the link to my installation of a Delkevic SS20 9" muffler on my NC750X
  3. bigbird

    How To LED Lighting changes

    I have changed the front indicators to switchback LED bulbs with clear lenses, changed the rear bulbs to amber LED's with clear lenses, added Denali LED DRL's to the lower fork tubes, and added a Whelen TIR3 auxiliary LED brake light. Here's the link to the youtube video...
  4. bigbird

    How To Installing a fuse block, wiring, and raising the front of the seat

    Here's my next video. It starts with the raising of the front of the seat, and then follows the progress of the Eastern Beaver fuse block, its associated wiring, and shows the Madstad windscreen, handlebar GPS RAM mount, and some lighting stuff. My next video will be a short outdoor view of the...
  5. bigbird

    How To Installing a USB power port in the frunk

    Target audience here is the new to an NC750X owner who might want a USB power port in the frunk. The install would be the same if you want the Honda cigarette style plug in power port.
  6. bigbird

    How To Locate the 6 pin accessory harness and flasher relay

    Here is the link to a short video I made of finding the factory 6 pin accessory harness and where to locate and how to change the flasher relay over to an LED style flasher relay.
  7. bigbird

    New bike with pics

    It's official now. My bike got trailered home this afternoon and the farkling will start as soon as it gets above freezing in my garage. My installs will be a GIVI luggage rack, mounting plate, and V47 top box with passenger pad, LED flasher relay and LED turn signal bulbs with clear lenses...
  8. bigbird

    Suggestions for an electronic LED flasher relay

    I will be converting my turn signals from incandescent to LED bulbs. The only electronic LED flasher relay I have come across is the ELFR-1-H 4 pin Honda relay made by CustomLED and sold by a few online retailers and of course on eBay. In Canada my only choice seems to be from...
  9. bigbird

    Electrical questions

    I am planning to add my own (not Honda's) DC accessory socket in the frunk, add a pigtail for my CTEK battery maintainer, and hard wire my GPS to a '20 NC750X. Without a bike in front of me and no service manual, I need some help. 1) Is there a 6 pole auxiliary power connector on the left side...
  10. bigbird

    I need a tech fix

    Alright, who'd going to post a link to the FSM? I need to know EVERYTHING!
  11. bigbird

    Greetings from Bigbird

    Hello all. I own an '09 Silverwing. I live in Winnipeg, Canada, home of the 6 month riding season (OK, 7 month if you like to suffer). I'm interested in the 700 Integra, which may or may not come to Canada. Since the Integra and NC700 are born from the sam Honda mother, I thought I'd join here...