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  1. Jos

    Cheap Exhaust

    There is also experience and real world cases. I troubleshooted multiple cases of engine misbehavior due to untuned exhausts solved by remapping (when a map exists) or putting back the stock. I had to remap one of my bikes after putting an Arrow as performance was noticeably decreased with the...
  2. Jos

    Cheap Exhaust

    Worse, with a cheap exhaust you may loose power (torque in useful ranges) without remapping.
  3. Jos

    Shock Adjustment

    Yeah, your issue lies in the hydraulics, not the spring. Without changing the shock there is not much you can do. Given your weight you cannot put a softer spring, you would hit the max range on compression.
  4. Jos

    Battery issue

    I am not saying you carry it around. And personally I keep a voltmeter at home, but I do not own testing equipment. So far I was still able to verify that two batteries were in need of replacement. Anyway shorting a battery to check if it sparks is a dumb idea, period.
  5. Jos

    Cheap Exhaust

    And the fact that the ECU piloting injection is expecting specific behavior for the flows. When you change exhaust flow you alter intake flow, the ECU usually does not compensate that (measures "only" concern temperature, throttle opening, outside air pressure, O2 level). And the worse part is...
  6. Jos

    Battery issue

    That's hardly a valid test. Even a "dead" battery (one with a shorted element thus being 9v) will "POW". Also a good way to kill a battery. To test a battery, at a minimum you charge it properly and you measure its voltage while out of the bike, then the drop while attempting a start. And for...
  7. Jos

    Cheap Exhaust

    An exhaust is not just a straight pipe. Each bike has a specific exhaust flow which is critical for proper engine operation. I just can't see how an exhaust can be universal. I would not trust that kind of 0-design Chinese knock-off. Or any unknown brand.
  8. Jos

    2012 NC700X electrical issue

    Second that. My experience is that if you suspect issues with a 5+ year old battery, start by getting a new one or you will spend time troubleshooting, having further issues, until you need to change it anyway.
  9. Jos

    Brake balance, NC750 SA 2016

    On any significant braking the weight will transfer to the front and the rear brake will become close to useless. As you stated the rear brake is for low speed, or for correcting a trajectory (get in the turn). If you plan a significant braking and you have time, you may use the rear break...
  10. Jos

    DCT Fault. Argh!

    Nope, engine stops, no more oil pressure, clutch disengages. This is a safety design, DCT clutch is off by default (disks apart) and requires sufficient pressure to push then together to link gearbox to secondary drive.
  11. Jos

    DCT Fault. Argh!

    The side stand switch is supposed to kill the engine, but who knows, on very short contact it may just fail to so while at the same time put the clutch in safe mode...
  12. Jos

    DCT Fault. Argh!

    I confirm, extending the sidestand while in S/D/manual kills the engine.
  13. Jos

    Oil change, 2016 DCT. Rotella OK?

    Like the above. On the DCT I even go as far as using Honda recommended ETec. Half more expensive than "standard" JASO MA but hey, what's 23 $ for 7500 miles (or year) of peace of mind... Yeah here the service interval is 12000 km which is roughly 7500 miles. The DCT filter is 10 bucks every...
  14. Jos

    Fobo Bike Bluetooth TPMS - Unboxing and Installation

    Assuming the reading difference is a constant. But yes it would be good to validate if the Fobo is OK or way off, I would be interested in the results over a few sensors. The fact that the manufacturer does not specify accuracy is not a good sign IMO. I even check my gage with my neighbor's...
  15. Jos

    Got both DCT and Manual, will get rid of one.

    The S mode on the 2nd gen DCT just works, it is great and feels natural in most situations. From time to time I will override (mostly downshift for more engine breaking) using the paddles, but most of the time the S mode gets it right. And in the 2nd gen, manual shifting keeps you in automatic...
  16. Jos

    Fobo Bike Bluetooth TPMS - Unboxing and Installation

    Any ANSI B40.1, mine is grade B which is 2% accuracy. Looks like this one (I do not have this exact model), you can take it on road trips. TireTek Flexi-Pro Tire Pressure Gauge, Heavy Duty Best For Car & Motorcycle - 60 PSI: Automotive Sure it is not connected to your phone, but...
  17. Jos

    Video: Malibu, Mulholland and Lane Filtering

    I usually hate videos but yours in quite well done, short sequences with adequate commentary and nice image. You still have to work on your trajectories though ;) Thanks for sharing.
  18. Jos

    Fobo Bike Bluetooth TPMS - Unboxing and Installation

    It seems there is no accuracy specified, to me this puts the device in the electronic gizmo category. I prefer one weekly check with my certified gage than always on false reading. I know, the Fobo may be accurate, by chance ;)
  19. Jos

    Down and out for a while.

    Sorry to hear that and glad you are OK. As for the NC, well this is just a machine right? Hope you can ride again soon on a new NC.
  20. Jos


    Saving 30 mn a day I can spend doing interesting things: priceless. Also interesting 1h30 bike daily commute vs boring 2h car commute. Here, calculation complete ;) Yes, I do own a car. The NC TCO is pretty low, for a bike, but many cars will beat it as stated. Good thing the TCO is not why...