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    Gas gauge issue

    Nc700x manual transmission. Last fall right at winter time storage filled gas tank up. So, when I took bike out of hibernation 2 weeks ago or so and rode around gas gauge showed it should. Few days later, went for another ride, no change in gauge, hmmmm. Few days later, bike won't...
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    Motorcycle battery, date if manufacture

    Bought a Motocross battery, new / delivered from Received the battery. Went to check the date of manufacture and on the top of the case in white "paint is.....XZ2648., I sent an email to Yuasa to decipher said (kind've). So we'll see what they...
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    Radiator guard

    What brand / style of radiator guard are folks using? . Like most buyers I'm looking for a decent priced unit, sturdy installation etc etc. I'm in favor of the " screen " type, if that makes sense, but not opposed to other styles. TIA
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    SW MOTECH alu rack

    Just curious. Anyone perhaps know if SW MOTECH is having production issues in Germany? . The Alu rack is out of least on Revzilla's site. TT's site is quite slow and I find it a bit aggravating to navigate. TIA
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    Hex head bolt? ??

    Below the crankshaft hole cap there's the battery box drain tube. My question is this: Just inboard of the battery box drain tube on the underside of the engine there's a hex head bolt. It looks to have a copper washer and there's a painted green dot right beside this bolt. What is this bolt...
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    GIVI E21 side cases

    Anyone who's mounted GIVI E21 / E22 side hard cases , do these boxes set far enough back so they won't interfere with mounting the bike ( hence, cracking your knee while swinging a leg over?). TIA Search engine isn't my friend
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    New year

    Happy new year 700x crew !.
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    Crooked rear seat

    I noticed the rear seat ( pillion....what have you) on my 700x is crooked? . It's only noticeable when the seat is secured. ...shows slightly when seat is up for fuel. I suppose it could be crooked body plastic as well. Just haven't had time to disassemble and investigate. Anyone else run...
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    Noob question about friend request's.

    Where does one go to view friend request's? I received an email stating a member here requested me as a friend......I've searched but can't find the proper place for this....TIA