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  1. MZ5

    Rear wheel bearings?

    Got home from a multi-day ride yesterday. Lots of fun and lots of miles and smiles! As I pushed the bike into its parking place (about 90 seconds, maybe 2 minutes tops, after pulling in and shutting down), I heard a strange noise from the rear wheel area. It was a kind of moaning squeal...
  2. MZ5

    What’s a K1600GTL like?

    I’m looking for a motorcycle my wife would be more comfortable on than the NC. I’m pretty sure she’d be comfy on a Goldwing. I’m generally not satisfied with the ergos on the ones I’ve sat on in showrooms. A used K16 is no more, maybe less, than a GW. What are they like on the road, especially...
  3. MZ5

    Anyone ridden a Moto Guzzi V85TT?

    They’ve looked very interesting to me since they were announced. I’ve never sat on one or even seen one in person, let alone ridden one. The only MG I’ve ever ridden was one of the 1400s a few years ago. Don’t recall offhand whether it was the Eldorado or California or what, but I think those...
  4. MZ5

    I'm away from my FSM. What's code 86?

    I'm getting an intermittent CEL/MIL. Haven't been able to replicate any particular operating condition to cause it at will. Today I was able to stop and put the kickstand down to read the code from the CEL/MIL (If I power off then re-start, it's gone). Code is 86. I'm away from my FSM this...
  5. MZ5

    Heading to Advanced Rider course tomorrow

    It's been longer than I'd realized, so I decided to go to a 1-day advanced rider training by way of a refresher. My riding partner is taking the class, too. I haven't taken this particular course before. Have any of you? I was largely off the bike for a while, but have been commuting on it...
  6. MZ5

    Who has worn out & replaces their brake rotors?

    I’m about to put my third set of pads on (OE plus two replacements, including the ones I’m about to put on). I have 48k miles on the bike, having essentially not ridden for most of the past 2 or more years. I haven’t measured the thickness of my rotors. If I take the bike tomorrow, and if I...
  7. MZ5

    Anyone tried Continental Road Attack 3?

    Read a couple good things about them, but haven't seen a review of them here. Anyone run them before?
  8. MZ5

    Any DOT 4 LV users here?

    I have a big bottle of Pentosin DOT 4 LV to flush the brakes on my pickup. Figured I'd use it on the bike, too. Anyone else here used the LV stuff in their NCX? Any differences or anomalies to report, vs. 'regular' DOT 4?
  9. MZ5

    For Sale: 2012 NC700X, Phoenic, AZ area

    It's time to sell my NCX. I've owned it since new, and rode it for freeway commuting, touring, and just for fun. The thrill is gone, and it won't come back. I'm not riding really at all any more. It comes with everything Honda offered for it. All the luggage, every accessory; everything...
  10. MZ5

    WTS Hyperpro shock w/remote hydraulic preload adjustment

    ***SOLD*** Shock has under 4,000 miles on it. I still have the coupon for 1 free rebuild from EPM Performance (I bought it from Klaus).
  11. MZ5

    List it with the luggage, or without?

    I think it may be time to list the NC for sale. I'm not commuting on it any more, nor do I ride for fun in the heat. Would you expect to get more, as a seller, by listing everything, or by selling things like the factory luggage separately?
  12. MZ5

    What happened? Lights out (dash)

    Started the bike this AM to come to work (I leave in the dark), and everything was fine. Within 1 - 200 yards, the dash light went out. The display was still working, but the backlight was not. Arrived at work, shut the bike off, turned the key back on after several seconds, and the dash lit...
  13. MZ5

    I bought a new motorcycle

    I bought a new bike the other day. Spur of the moment, and a real bargain. It's a '96 V45/VF750 Magna. Bright yellow, needs a little Mechanical TLC, but beautiful condition and very low miles. I suppose it'll either be a fix-and-flip, or if my wife and like it enough, perhaps it'll stay around.
  14. MZ5

    Should I expect/need to service susp bearings if I replace the shock at >40k?

    It's cooled off this week, back to ~100F, so I'm thinking about all the things I would normally do over the winter when the weather's nice. I've also been planning a long ride or two that my wife wants to come along for, which has me contemplating rear suspension. I have Gold Valves up front...
  15. MZ5

    Dealer has a VFR1200X

    Stopped by the Honda shop today, and lo and behold, they had a VFR1200X! (That's the American-market designation for the Crosstour, for those across the pond) Manual shift. It was a very nice-feeling bike. They still have the R1200RT I sat on a couple weeks ago, too. The Viffer put the...
  16. MZ5

    Is a '13 R1200RT air cooled, or water? What should one be aware of on a used one?

    I was at the dealer the other day picking up a new footpeg (Death Valley wrecked mine), and they have a decent-looking '13 RT there. It _appears_ to be fairly well equipped, but I know absolutely nothing of BMWs, so maybe there's a bunch of stuff I _thought_ was on it that isn't actually there...
  17. MZ5

    Homemade pillion backrest

    My wife wants to ride with me more, but also really wants a backrest. So, yesterday evening we went to the folks' house and made one. Parts list: -- 1 old SAAB 9000 headrest -- 1 piece of 2" flat iron (steel), about 2 feet long -- 1 or 2 pins or bolts (w/nuts), depending upon whether...
  18. MZ5

    Anyone bought one of Bell's custom-fit helmets?

    For at least a couple-few years now, Bell has offered a custom-fit option for their Star helmet. I didn't actually realize they were still doing it, but I was talking to the Bell rep at the motorcycle show (IMS) here in Phoenix over the weekend, and he said they're still doing it. I have a...
  19. MZ5

    JT chain toast under 10k miles

    Just an experience report. My JT chain is stretched so bad it jumped off the sprocket while I was riding down the road. It has some sticky links, too, and there's a huge difference in tension between the tight spot and the rest of the chain. I'm over 9k, but haven't reached 10k miles yet. 'Twas...
  20. MZ5

    Ever ridden a Moto Guzzi?

    There's a dealer in Portland, OR, that I went to the other day. First time I can recall seeing a Moto Guzzi in person, other than perhaps a single example at the IMS a few years ago. This dealer, though very small and out of the way, had about every model they make, and generally multiple...