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    Frunk Latch won't close

    Janus.......exactly!. It can be a bit troublesome at times on the cable routing......just go slow, be patient.
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    Mirror Disassembly

    Unless this mirror from the generic unit moves side to side or up and down to access a "possible " nut / screw......nope.
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    Gas gauge issue

    For a sensor, I'd use MAF ( Mass Air Flow) sensor cleaner.
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    fork oil level with Race Tech Gold Valve

    Unfortunately not. I'll be on here in the future doing my forks.......I know not what I'm doing regarding such......bwahahaha
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    Gas gauge issue

    Just a follow up. Oddly, my gas gauge began "acting" normal again. And , I do use fuel stabilizer.......Stabil and or Seafoam. Ferret is correct......10% Ethanol fuel here......can't seem to locate unmolested fuel. Perhaps there was a small dirt Grimlin in the midst???. All's good so far. Thank...
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    ignition switch replacement - bike won't lock

    Skinnymoss, any resolution to your ignition issue?
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    Is a front fender extender worth it?

    Wise choice.......yes I have the Fenda extender. I also have a radiator guard as well.......comparatively cheep protection.
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    Thoughts on buying a new 2017 NC700X in 2021

    Sooooo, any negotiations development?
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    Valve Adjustment Plug on Left Case

    ^^^^^^^ , well done!. It's always nice to have knowledgeable forum members to assist when there's an issue. Also, thank you for the responses to my post.....much appreciated.
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    Officially Joined the Club!

    Welcome aboard. Sad about the 1100 Rebel. For me, the Rebel has to much electronic "stuff" to foul's just me probably. Ride on
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    Valve Adjustment Plug on Left Case

    EEEEEEEK! ....... I'll keep that picture etched in my mind. When valve adjustment come around, I'll soak it with PB blaster the night before.....I suppose. Is this typical for said cap???
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    Pulled the trigger on LED lights.

    Might want to check your states requirements for color regarding turn signals , running lights etc. It could get expensive and time consuming if you get the "wrong" DPS officer.
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    Beginner just test rode 3 bikes today, turning questions on the NC

    Sounds on par / a good recommendation.
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    Beginner just test rode 3 bikes today, turning questions on the NC

    I trust the manufacturers recommendation, heck , they made the tire.
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    Service items to check or ask dealer to do prior to purchase?

    Perhaps I'm being Mr Obvious, but, check coolant level ( reserve / overflow ) if it's low or over filled , Tire pressure , take a peek and see what brand of oil filter is there ( never can tell what previous owners have done ) . When you get it home, perhaps take a look at the air...
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    Beginner just test rode 3 bikes today, turning questions on the NC

    Tires / handling. Odd feeling from tires that have a specific "ridge" around its circumference vs a rounded profile tire (s) a certain point, it feels like the bike just DROPS into a curve or corner ; quite unsettling! . Can't wait to change tires.
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    2014 NC700XD Ca-chunk, ca-chunk sound when the ignition is turned to "on" not start.

    If this was already answered, apologies. How old is the battery?. I understand testing under a load but, out on the road running , there's a alot of differences in load vs on a test bench, IMO . I'm aware the OP found the "stuck in 2nd gear" situation / followed bike manuals advice. Ride on
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    1STORM helmet

    Curious, how did you add foam?. May sound like a peculiar question, but, amount used.....adhesive etc. Not looking for a multiple page report ; sounds like you have skills.
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    NCx Engine GIF

    Welcome Ron Doles. I'm in SW OHIO, Clermont county.