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  1. drdubb

    Givi Pannier Racks PL1111

    Givi racks off of my 2014 700x. $100. PL1111. SOLD Givi top case rack and plate $75. 1111FZ Plus shipping. Located in NC.
  2. drdubb

    KSL 2021

    Just heard that Kickstand Motorcycle Lodge will open in May, they will start taking calls in April. I went up to KSL seven years in a row for some May riding, but missed the last few for health/Covid. I hope to make it this year. We usually gather around the weekend prior to the Memorial...
  3. drdubb

    Blowing fuses on charging circuit

    This is actually a problem on my Himalayan, but electrical circuits are similar. I came home to a dead battery. Replaced the battery, but the bike was still dead. Found a blow fuse on the charging circuit. Replaced the fuse and it immediately blew. Any suggestions. Also, the ABS pump would...
  4. drdubb

    GIVI engine guards

    Set of GIVI guards fo sale. Small holes where I had highway pegs mounted. Easily covered with GIVI emblem or filled in. $100 plus shipping.
  5. drdubb

    Anti Freeze Smell

    Last several times I've taken out the NC, I'll notice a little antifreeze smell when I pull into the garage. I don't see any obvious leaks. Any thoughts or experiences with anything like this.?
  6. drdubb

    Overfilling Gas Tank

    Has anyone had trouble with overfilling the gas tank? The pump doesn't click off when full and gas goes everyplace. Very frightening. Its impossible to look into the tank while filling and I've had this happen several times. Any thoughts or experiences?
  7. drdubb

    Kickstand 12 or 13?

    I really can't remember which one this is. I think the numbers were confused a few years ago. I know that the first one was in 2009, although there was another rally at the coast the previous year by the folks that started this one. This gathering was started by a small group of Honda...
  8. drdubb

    Added to the stable today

    Picked up this Hima today. Only did a few miles getting her home, but what a difference from the NC. The Hima feels so small and light. Will start the lengthy break in tomorrow.
  9. drdubb

    MABDR anyone.

    Since it was first announced, I've wanted to do the MABDR. Prior to its development, others had laid out the TET, a series of trails and roads from FLA to New England. I'm told the NC can handle it, although there is a rocky section where I would worry about the cast rims. I live close...
  10. drdubb

    Brake fluid replacement

    I've bled brakes before, but I've not changed fluid as part of maintenance. Do I just add fresh fluid at the reservoir, bleeding at the caliper until I have fresh fluid? Thanks
  11. drdubb

    Odd Wear pattern PR4

    I was planning to put new rubber on the NC later in the spring, but while on a 100 mile ride today, I noticed sudden wear on by front tire. When I left home, the tire was fine, pressure at 34. Pressure at the pic is 36. I can't imagine what caused the uneven wear and so quick. Any thoughts.
  12. drdubb

    Kickstand Ten, In the Land of the Dragon, NC Meet Up Event

    I'm still lazy, so most of this is from last year....and the year before... KSL 10 will occur the weekend before the Memorial weekend, May 17-19. On those dates, motorcycle riders will gather at the Kickstand Motorcycle Lodge for a weekend of fun and frolic. This is an unofficial rally, no...
  13. drdubb

    how deep

    I'm thinking about riding the MABDR in 2019. I think the NC will be fine, but I was wondering about the water crossings. How deep would you think the cut off should be. I'm most worried about shorting electrical circuits. For instance, the horn. I know there are sensing circuits down low.
  14. drdubb

    Storm Survivors

    Here's hoping that all of you in the path of Michael are ok. I was communicating with a new NC owner in Panama City a few days ago on another forum. Said he was on the safe side of the storm and was going to ride it out. Looks like Panama City was hit very hard. Prayers for him and anyone...
  15. drdubb

    Anyone living with AFIB

    I had my first know AFIB attack back in October. Passed out in the kitchen. Doc gave me some pills and see ya in a year. I had low potassium, overweight, so I thought I could control this thing. I've been concerned that I have a "weak" feeling from time to time...scares me a little b/c I don't...
  16. drdubb

    Kickstand Number 9 in the Land of the Dragon

    KSL 9 sign up KSL 9 sign up - Google Sheets The following was lifted from last year's post. I'm too lazy to type it again. A bunch of you guys seemed to enjoy this in I say lets do it again!!! KSL 9 will occur the weekend before the Memorial weekend, May 18-21. On those dates...
  17. drdubb

    another tire thread...thinking of switching from street to dual sport

    Currently on my third set of PR 4's Would like to run many of the fire roads at this years KSL, so thinking about doing some dual sport tires. The TKC 80 / MItas e07 or Shinko 805 seems popular. I get a new rear tire each season and front every other year. Usually do 5-6k miles each...
  18. drdubb

    Mid Atlantic BDR.

    Read that a back country discovery route is being released in January. Wonder if it is mostly.the TET route? Also wonder how hard it would be on the NC
  19. drdubb

    Rebel 500

    Daughter #2 announced that she is purchasing a Honda 500 rebel. Looking forward to that. Might have to help her break it in.
  20. drdubb

    To Our Fla Inmates

    Just want you folks to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I know that the forseable future might be very difficult. I hope you and your loved ones will be safe.