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  1. Red Rider

    Michelin Road 5’s Longevity Report

    12,000 miles now on my Road 5’s and I just noticed my front tire is just about ready for replacement. The rear still looks pretty good and may go another couple grand(?). And that after two puncture repairs over time. I‘ve been very pleased with these tires. They have handled extremely well and...
  2. Red Rider

    It’s All About The Slope!

    I knew from the very first ride when I took my new NC home that the seat was absolutely one of the worst of any new bike I had ever experienced. Since then I’ve done the “Showkey” mod, a cruiser style gel pad, an Airhawk, and a combination of the two - which actually worked quite well as I...
  3. Red Rider

    Battery Life

    My bike/battery is consistently on a Battery Tender in my garage. Rode yesterday, planned to ride today so left it off the charger overnight. Turned the key on this morning, got lights, fuel pump primed right up, hit the button and got a nice single CLICK. DCT in Neutral, rechecked the lot...
  4. Red Rider

    New Africa Twin = Home Run?

    100 hp Lower seat height to 32.5” Adjustable W/S 500 lbs wet 300-plus mile range CRUISE CONTROL standard DCT or Manual Just to name a few... Mebbe Honda has a hit on the horizon:)
  5. Red Rider

    Seat Mod - one more time

    Since I won’t/can’t bring myself to part with the funds - let alone my stock seat - for the purchase of a Russel-Day-Long seat, nor willing to take a chance on any other brand, I’ve kept up the pursuit of the effective and cheap fix. And for me, I think I found a winning combination. First, the...