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  1. cdnuser

    My Other ride gets better mileage!

    My other ride is not actually a motorcycle but an electric car with a generator. A 2012 Chevrolet Volt. So far this year I have travelled 5500kms on 45 liters of fuel! Try that on a nc700. And no I didn't notice an increase in my electricity bill. Maybe 30 bucks. Sent from my iPhone using...
  2. cdnuser

    NC750 sprocket swap

    Has anyone attempted to swap out the sprockets on the 700 for the ones from the 750? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. cdnuser

    My New Helmet

    Picked this new bell helmet out on clearance for 69 bucks. Love it, wife not so much. But, it goes with my theme. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. cdnuser

    Ahhh oil filter from hell

    See anything wrong with this photo Who put this thing on? I want him here right now so i can... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. cdnuser

    Who has the highest mileage?

    To be far we will break it up by year too. Mine is 2012 - 21,560 kms ( 13,400 ish miles) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. cdnuser

    NC700 Stealth fighter model ?!

    Wow just checked out Honda Canada's website to see the new model... NM4. It uses the NC700 engine. Here is the link. Honda Motorcycle
  7. cdnuser

    Mich Pilot Road 2

    With the pilot 4's coming out, i just got a great deal on some mich pilot road 2s. All in $350. Shipping and tax. Figured I would switch from the stock Bridgestone's. My front tire was brand new last season with only a month and a half of riding if anyone is interested in southern ontario...
  8. cdnuser

    Project Flying Tiger update

    Here is a little update of project Flying Tiger. - I still have to work out the decal, its cold outside and I used a heat gun to apply but there is still some areas I need to fix. Below is also a video of the the new Danmoto exhaust. Lots of work still to be completed, this is just a...
  9. cdnuser

    Brand New Exhaust

    Well I just installed my new exhaust, and I love it. My neighbour may not. It is very loud, amazingly awesome loud. A great rumble. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I youtub'd it first but there was only one like it on our NC and its hard to gauge how loud it is. Here it...
  10. cdnuser

    Winter Mod Season

    I am just starting mods on my bike now. It will keep me busy during the winter. I have boxes of parts ready to go! Very exciting. Here is a hint at a theme that i am going for Flying Tiger. The history buffs will know what i mean. In celebration of the winter mod season lets kick it off with...
  11. cdnuser

    catalytic converter location

    Ok, I have looked all over for information on the exact location of the catalytic converter. I know some honda's have it integrated into the exhaust can. I think the CB250. To me "the untrained eye" it looks like it resides under the front plastic. anyone shed some light on this for me.
  12. cdnuser

    Canadians that have done service at dealer.

    Any Canadians out there that have done service at the local dealer? Just trying to be prepared when I take it in for service and have something to compare it to. Thanks.
  13. cdnuser

    Tire defect?! Help.

    I always take a quick look after and before rides, today i found this on the rear tire. It is in the groove and is brittle rubber. No nail buried in it?
  14. cdnuser

    Ok Lets Hear it?! Complaint Department

    We all love the NC700 but what I want to know (and some others I am sure) is what are your biggest complaints about the bike. Be honest! Mechanical... Colour... Seating... Power... Tires... Available accessories... Anything... I'll start... My biggest complaint about the bike is the sound...
  15. cdnuser

    Stock windscreen adaptor to raise height

    Came across this for guys that don't want a big screen but want more protection from wind. Can be adjusted on the fly, so you can keep the stock look and raise it when needed. Honda - NC700X - Palmer Products
  16. cdnuser

    New 500 series bikes

    Just got back from a Honda test drive event. I rode the new CB500F. I was very impressed, it had more power than i was expecting and was able to keep pace with the others. It seemed to have less wind turbulance than the NC which is odd since it has no wind screen. Seems like the stock NC screen...
  17. cdnuser

    Rider beware... The NC attacked me. *Joke

    Well i was getting all geared up went to throw my leg over the NC and the thing attacked me! LOL My shoe lace loop snagged on the passenger handle and almost sent me and the bike over. Its my fault I normally tuck my laces into my boot but this time I forgot. :cool:
  18. cdnuser

    Honda Plus warranty with roadside assistance - 5 years

    When I bought my bike I invested another 800 bucks to extend the warranty to 5 years with roadside assistance. I don't normally pay the extra money in cars ( I have a Hyundai that already has 5 year warranty) However it was the roadside assistance that sold me on it. Has anyone else opted for...
  19. cdnuser

    NC rider behind the Earfilter...

    Ear Filters - 925.330.2148 I was viewing videos on the NC and came across a post discussing the his story behind developing the earfilter. An ear plug that only blocks out the unwanted sounds. Which make it ideal for riding motorcycles and playing music. The youtube view is under user...
  20. cdnuser

    Turn Signal Light covers

    Looking at all the great photos of the NC here I have noticed some bikes are equiped with smoked covers (with stock tail light assembly) apposed to the regular amber/orange covers. I have also seen the smoked covers on advertising material for the NC. So my question is... are they stock in...