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  1. skiphunt

    Heathen + Valley of the Gods
  2. skiphunt

    Observations and Questions after 7270 miles

    Hi, I'm wrapping up my last posts for my travel blog here: Moto-Southwest 2013 The trip was a little over 4000 miles and the ncx preformed well for the most part. Some observations: Off-road performance was better than I expected. Did some VERY rough washboard, mixed with erosion and large...
  3. skiphunt

    NCX in the in route in Southwest

    The road in/out of Chaco Canyon was brutal but the Honda nc700x delivered. On to a hovenweep and Aztec ruins now. Blogging trip here Moto-Southwest 2013 — skip hunt + photo
  4. skiphunt

    Heading toward NM this Week!

    Taking off toward Chaco Canyon, and then wingin' it after that. Shooting for departure this week. Likely Thursday. Will be blogging mostly from my site HERE but I've added some info for the folks who sometimes support my photography/travel, etc. with their patronage. So disregard that stuff...
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    Just got back from another shake out trip. Didn't really do any bike trip "reporting" but took some snaps along the way.
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    Texas Ride Video on nc7x

    Hi, here's a quick gopro video I made while riding around the Hill Country last week. Used a suction cup mount and tried to stabilize with smooth in Motion 5, but does anyone know how they get rid of ALL the camera shake in gopro videos?
  7. skiphunt

    Packed Up and Gassed Up

    Just heading out for 5 days, but packed for a month+ trip to see if I was going to be able to pack everything without the need of panniers. I've got still & video gear including GoPro Hero 3. iPad & Bluetooth keyboard for travel blogging. Tools, slime compressor & tire repair kit, tent, hammock...
  8. skiphunt

    Alaskan Leather Sheepskin Universal

    Bought the Alaskan Leather Universal seat cover in natural. I liked that it was smaller than the others and only really covered the part of the seat where most of your rear makes contact. Never really liked the big ol' shaggy black wool skin on the seat, but that's just personal preference...
  9. skiphunt

    Went for Laminar Lip for my ncx

    Was so torn on what to do about the windscreen. Read countless threads about varying screens, etc. and settle on one that I thought was worth the risk of getting stuck with a screen that wasn't working for me. I decided that all I was really looking for was something to decrease the unstable...
  10. skiphunt

    Quickie Shake Out Camping Trip

    Haven't got my bike luggage or windshield extender, etc. yet... but I couldn't wait any longer. Loaded up what I could strap on the back, tossed some fruit, tuna, filled up my beverage bag with Jesus juice, and set out for a couple 2 or 3 nights of motorcycle camping. Laying in my hammock over...
  11. skiphunt

    Avoiding Ethanol?

    Hi, Recently bought a new motorcycle and the dealer advised that I don't use fuel with ethanol in it. I've read others saying the same thing in various bike forums too. Trouble is, every station I've gone to thus far has that sticker "May Contain 10% Ethanol" I've never worried about it...
  12. skiphunt

    Discovered my tire pressure from dealer was 10lbs low

    Discovered the tire pressure from the dealer was down about 10lbs in each tire... which might have had something to do with my lousy mpg on the first couple of tanks. My worst was 49mpg on the trip back to Austin from Oklahoma. It's been creeping up now that it's getting broken in and has the...
  13. skiphunt

    Alaskan Leather Sheepskin

    So far, I'm pretty much OK with the stock seat. Have only done 848 miles so far, but did 7hrs straight riding the new bike home from Oklahoma to Texas. Not great, but not as bad as I thought it'd be. On my last two bikes, I've used the Alaskan Leather's sheepskin seat covers. Great in the...
  14. skiphunt

    Hand Guards and turbulence

    Hi, I'm a new nc700x owner and user on this site. I'm still trying to figure out which windscreen I want to upgrade to, but wanted to share a bit of info I just discovered. I'd recently put some Trackside handguards on my bike to take a bit of the wind of my hands on the highway. In Texas...
  15. skiphunt

    Laminar Lip

    My eyes are going blurry from reading all the varying reviews of various windscreens. I've decided that for around town and short weekend trips, I'm fine with the stock screen... but for longer rides on the interstate or touring, I'll need something. So, of the options that you can just pop on...
  16. skiphunt

    Hand Guards

    I was looking for some cheap hand guards just to keep the wind off my hands on the highway and thought I found them at CycleGear. They have some Trackside Brush guards on sale for $20 with universal mounts, but they don't fit the NCX. The brake reservoir is in the way. Anyone know of some...
  17. skiphunt

    New Her - Just picked up 2012 NC700x - Austin, Texas

    New Here - Just picked up 2012 NC700x - Austin, Texas Hi, I'm new here. I'm a photographer who likes to travel by bike. I just picked up a new nc700x 2012. Best price was out of state. Hopped a bus to Oklahoma and road it back to Austin, Texas. 2.5hrs from Bartlesville, Oklahoma to Edmond...
  18. skiphunt

    Shad SH40 cargo, etc.

    Hi, I'm new here. I just picked up a new nc700x 2012 in Oklahoma and road it back to Austin, Texas. 2.5hrs from Bartlesville, Oklahoma to Edmond, Oklahoma. Then 7hrs from Edmond, OK to Austin, TX. Bike did great, but I was running into headwind and keeping the speed varied from about...