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  1. J

    That horrible time is here again - Major Service !

    Man, you gotta love a wifey that will pull your sprockets for ya!
  2. J

    Not a tank map holder, anyone?

    You weren't kidding about the screws being really tight...
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    Okay be honest...who has suffered some buyer’s remorse?

    I've gotta agree with you there Naked_Duc. I'd been putt putting around town on a Honda PCX 125 for the three years and then traded to the NC. I get a real rush when I open the throttle of the NC. But then I'm coming from an environment where I had been riding a very sedate scooter.
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    Comment by 'Japerjoey' in media '302011_10151554570808959_1347496607_n'

    It's like a new baby chick that's just been hatched from the egg^^
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    Got sprayed by a crop duster yesterday

    Wow, that has gotta suck riding through a cloud of that. The things one must watch for when touring has just increased by one...
  6. J

    Frunk // Tank Bag

    THAT looks interesting...
  7. J

    Hola!!! from Spain..

    Hola from Japan, mate. Brilliant photos!
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    Frunk // Tank Bag

    Thanks mate. It's looking better all the time. Now if I can just find it in Japan and save me some delivery fees.
  9. J

    Frunk // Tank Bag

    Thanks Guys. That looks pretty much exactly like what I want. Every worry about the suction cups failing? Is it easy to take the bag with you when you dismount and go somewhere?
  10. J

    What would be a nice pet name for our NCX700?

    The Toe Cutter!! Ohhhhh, mate, I LIKE it!
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    Frunk // Tank Bag

    I'm sure there is a post about this on the forum somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone have any recommendations for a small bag pouch that latches to the frunk? Looking for a waterproof one with a transparent cover so that I can throw an ipad in it and use it as a navi device...
  12. J

    What would be a nice pet name for our NCX700?

    I've just started calling it "The Beast" after it knarled up my front toe nail...
  13. J

    Close Call

    Thanks for sharing and glad that you're still with us... Must have got the heart beating for sure...
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    Comment by 'Japerjoey' in media 'What???'

    THis must be related to the theory of relativity somehow...
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    Comment by 'Japerjoey' in media 'So the insurance guy asks, "What fell on you"'

    Hahahahahaha poor driver. WAIT!! Poor cow... hahahahahaha
  16. J

    Going through withdrawal

    Damn dude! What kind of cat do you own? A Tiger! Hope you're back on bike soon...
  17. J

    2014: What did you do WITH your NC700 today?

    Clicked over 1000km the other night. I'd have liked to have been able to say something sexy like, "just clicked over 1000 while passing Mt Fuji" or something like that, but the reality of it was I was in the middle of nowhere surrounded by croaking bull frogs and mosquitos the size of small...
  18. J

    Spare key hider/holder ?

    I've gotta say locking the keys in my frunk for some reason or another has been on my mind since I bought the beast. But since I have a japanese model with the chip in the ignition key, I was just going to go out and get an ignition key cut at a locksmiths and then do what dduelin did...
  19. J

    Left keys inside luggage box...

    How about a locksmith? Would they be able to pick the lock?