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  1. DanH

    Check Engine light

    Hi All My Check Engine light came on during my commute this morning. What are the most common causes for this? There can't be that many sensors on this engine? Regards Dan
  2. DanH

    Sticky Key

    I went to start my bike after work yesterday and my key wouldn't work. After a bit if wiggling and jiggling, I was able to get the key to turn and start the bike. I went home and tried my spare key in the ignition and it was a little easier to get seated so it would turn but not a smooth...
  3. DanH

    Considering buying a Goldwing

    I am looking at buying a Goldwing, adding one that is. I really can't afford brand-new with all the bells and whistles but I can afford a mid-90s GL1500. There are a few in the area. There are a couple of SEs with 80K or 100K miles on them for around $4000, a 93 Aspencade with 14K (yes 14K not...
  4. DanH

    2016 IBA Memorial Saddle Sore ride.

    2015 IBA Memorial Saddle Sore ride. Yesterday I rode the IBA Memorial Ride, originally in memory of Jack Shoalmire, R.I.P 2011, who was a national figure for the Iron Butt Association riders. The original Memorial Ride was the IBA honoring him and his contributions to the Organization. Since...
  5. DanH

    Battery Recommendations

    So I turned the key and pressed the starter and there wasn't enough juice to turn the engine over. No apparent cause either. So I guess my battery has just given up the ghost. What is the best battery I can buy for my 2012? What is the best value? Anything I should avoid at all costs?
  6. DanH

    16K service at South Bound Honda

    If you live within riding distance of South Bound Honda, one of HONDABIKEPRO's dealerships, and need anything, go there. I had to get the 16K service done so I couldn't ride my bike the 60 or miles to Lakewood because of the valve check so I called around and got estimates. It would have been a...
  7. DanH

    My Memorial Day weekend ride

    Ok, the plan was to start in Seattle, head down to Lewiston Idaho, a quick stop for coffee with my Aunt and Uncle, then over the Lolo pass to Missoula Montana and I-90 home for a 1050 mile Ironbutt run. I left the house around 3:30 AM so I could be well clear of Seattle's traffic which picks...
  8. DanH

    Anyone in WA, OR, ID or BC not working on Friday 5/22 and want to go riding?

    My employer has decided to balance their quarterly budget by giving me and 4999 other contract employees the day off on Friday. So screw them, I am going riding -all damn day and lots of the night too maybe. Don't know where but if you want to join me, I'll ride in your direction.
  9. DanH

    My son's first motorcycle

    well, it's a cycle and it has a motor. :) He is 14 and needs transportation this summer to get him to football practice and work, teaching math at a tutoring place. It will do 35 mph in a pinch and should get around 200 mpg doing it.
  10. DanH

    Rotopax fuel container mount

    I was thinking of mounting a 1 gallon Rotopax fuel container flat on top of my Honda OEM top box. Other than the 12 pounds of weight it would add, does anyone see any other major problems with this scheme?
  11. DanH

    A dream ride

    I found this the other day. Its nice to dream that someday I might have the weeks this ride would take to appreciate properly. Data geniuses have figured out what the ultimate U.S. road trip looks like
  12. DanH

    Lost my 2.5 mile commute...` now its back to 1000 miles a month on my NC. I have missed my bike over the last few months but she has sat and waited patiently for me to come back. Time to ride.
  13. DanH

    Bike Bandit article: Going Bike Only

    Great article on what you need to know about ditching your car. See #3 for something everyone here already knows 10 Things Nobody Told You About Having Only a Motorcycle |
  14. DanH

    aftermarket handle bars

    I am looking for a replacement set of handlebars. Mine are slightly bent from a fall and I haven't gotten around to replacing them. Not all 7/8 inch bars are created equal and I see a lot of compatible bars around but not an aftermarket set specifically for the NC700. The difference in price is...
  15. DanH

    Good news or Bad news?

    Over the last year, my team has outgrown its office space so the gods that be are moving us to a different facility. My current commute is about 45 miles a day and between 2 and 2 1/2 hours. My new commute will be about 6 miles and between 15 and 30 minutes a day. I don't know if my NC can...
  16. DanH

    I have no idea how to describe this bike - just watch...

    Tarus 2 × 2 the bike with all-wheel drive | Every Bikes News
  17. DanH

    Fun ride to work today...

    Nice day, worked from home in the morning so traffic was good. Left I-405 to get on the 520, shifted up coming off the ramp and my lever felt weird. Downshift to accelerate into traffic and no shift lever. WTF?? Glance down - there it dangles by the linkage. Up ahead there is a really wide...
  18. DanH

    Changing the chain

    Hi All. I need to change my chain. I have never changed the chain nor removed the rear wheel and I expect to run into a couple of gotchas. Here is what I have: A service manual The right sized wrenches. What else should I have in hand when I start the job? I got a D.I.D Pro-Street X-Ring...
  19. DanH

    Oh for pity's sake....

    It's 3:30 in the morning. I just came in from the garage. I got up to start an Iron Butt run and my bike is dead. Last night when I went out to get the mileage, I left the key on. My wife has the jumper cables in her car but she has taken the kids and the dog to visit friends, leaving me free...
  20. DanH

    Is it just me?

    At work there is a spot in the garage where there are two handicap spots and two motorcycle spots. Generally I pull into the motorcycle spots by rounding across the back the handicap spots and forward into one of the motorcycle spots instead of stopping and walking the bike backwards into the...