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  1. kjang

    NC700x SEAT

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I upgraded my seat to the Russell day long. The seat sits higher about 1". what a difference this seat makes while riding all day. The stock honda seat was a pain in my rear and I had to stop frequently. The russell day long seat is very comfortable and I...
  2. kjang

    Slow speed drop

    Well it finally happened. Dropped my bike. I was at a stop, in the process of dismounting and for some odd reason I lost my balance and drop my bike! Errrr, picked it back up and inspected in the dark with a flash light. Minor scrape on the sw engine guard, tiny scrap on the dct cover, tiny...
  3. kjang

    This causes us to have a bad name

    This causes bikers like us to have a bad name. *chp tracked down one of the tricksters and are now tracking down the others. ken
  4. kjang

    Clutch less review

    This is a review of the nc700x, Aprilia mana and the BMW c600 "No Shift" Shootout - YouTube
  5. kjang

    bmw gs rider eyeing my nc700x

    I was commuting on my bike (red nc700x with dct), On my commute I pass by the local bmw motorcycle dealership. Just before hitting the highway, I had to stop for the stoplight. A bmw f700gs came along side of me and the rider was really eyeing my nc out. He just kept on looking at it. Light...
  6. kjang

    givi air flow wind screen

    givi has a new windshields out for some models, but I didn't see it for the honda nc700/750x on there web site. GIVI Airflow Windshields but I was surfing youtube and saw this nc750x that had one on. On the comments he wrote he peiced it together using givi parts...
  7. kjang

    Old age and riding

    English subtitled: WORLD'S OLDEST MOTORCYCLE RiDERS - A TRUE STORY - YouTube Ken
  8. kjang

    Please be careful over the holiday

    Just be careful while riding especially at night. We had a fatal incident here at san francisco bay bridge the other night heading west bound. A women motorcyclist got hit just before the toll plaza. Click on the link: Woman Killed In Hit And Run Motorcycle Accident Near Oakland Bay Bridge Toll...
  9. kjang

    Honda wheel weights

    I have a silly question. How do you take off the honda oem wheel weights ? Just knock it off with a screwdriver and hammer??? Reason why I ask is because I planning on putting "RIDE ON balancer/sealant". Summer is coming and will ride much more and I don't want a flat tire. thanks, Ken
  10. kjang

    Battery (how long do they last)?

    Since I read about how NOT to and HOW to jump start a dead motorcycle battery. Tell me when its a good time to replace a motorcycle battery? Where is a good place to buy a motorcycle battery? What is a good brand? On marine batteries, I typically replace my boats batteries every 3rd to 4th...
  11. kjang


    I did a boo boo today. I put on the disc lock and started to walk away. Then went back to the bike and decided to put the bike on the center stand. Well, I managed to put the bike on the center stand, but the disk lock hit the fender. Big ole piece of fender came off. The rest of the fender...
  12. kjang

    Help a fellow rider out

    Today, I was sitting in my service van at the san francisco bay bridge. Watching traffic and monitoring systems. I noticed a motorcycle rider that stalled in lane 1. He pushed his BUELL off to the shoulder. Trying to restart. He was trying and trying.... I walked over and said to him "Guy...
  13. kjang

    Puig wind deflector

    Received my puig wind deflector. Its the clamp on without drilling type. I have it on my HONDA TALL touring. Fits nicely. Has adjustment angle Has adjustment height Has detent for adjustments Haven't ridden as yet since install. Ken
  14. kjang

    Denali D2 (dual intensity) long term

    Hi Guys, I have installed the Denali D2 with dual intensity on my NC700x for a while now. I always have them turned on. When riding around its on LOW setting (50%) then when the HIGH BEAM is on the denali will go full bright (100%). I usually ride early in the morning hours (before sun up) in...
  15. kjang

    now i know why

    Now I know why people install hand guards and or heated grips. I was riding early this morning (3:00am) my finger tips were numb. Even though I wore gloves. The jacket I wore(first gear - jaunt) has a liner and kept me very warm. Now, I may get either hand guards or heated grips. Ken
  16. kjang

    mra windshield extention

    Has anyone tried the mra X-creen Tour Add-on Variable windshield spoiler Blade ? I am thinking about it with the HONDA tall screen. Ken
  17. kjang

    X grip / ram mount

    I was debating should I order a new gps (garmin) or go exiting gps that I already have (problem no blue tooth) or go with smartphone. I decided on the smartphone since I have one personal and one for work. Plus, I can tie into the blue tooth on my sena SH10r and I can listen to music if I so...
  18. kjang

    combined anti lock brakes (simple explaination) please

    Can some one explain the what is combined anti lock brakes compared to regular anti lock brakes ? Thanks,. Ken
  19. kjang

    wide angle mirrors

    Clamps onto the stem of the original mirror. Ken
  20. kjang

    Rim job

    I have the red nc700x w/dct. Went and purchased reflective tape for the rims/wheels. should look like this: