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    Alpinstars Sz 14 street boots - Shoei Qwest XXL helmet - Firstgear Kilimanjaro 3XL

    Have Alpinstars Sz 14 street boots - Shoei Qwest XXL helmet - Firstgear Kilimanjaro 3XL jacket all for sale. All in nice shape. Offers?
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    Done farkling?

    2 years of ownership, here are the mods: - Bar end mirrors - Painted OEM mirror black inside - COX radiator guard - Shad comfort seat - 12v port and battery tender pigtail in "frunk" - IXIL slip on exhaust - Trimmed the rear fender No plans to take off the asphalt, so street tires...
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    New Ixil Exhaust

    Received my new Ixil slip on today. Easy to install, seems to be good quality stainless and solid. Have seen better welds, and the center stand stop tab is just a little short (still holds), but all else seems top notch. Nice, mellow sound, especially coming off idle. Not obnoxious at all...
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    Aftermarket Seat Choice - Input Requested

    Hello All, I know I throw this out at the risk of scorn for bringing up this oft-discussed subject again, but I will ask. What aftermarket seat do you like? I can't bear it any longer, I am shifting after 40 miles and sore for a couple days after riding 100+ miles in a day. I've done the...
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    NC700 Burnout

    I don't know why someone would actually do it on this bike, but I stumbled across this.
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    Installed dual-port USB harness in the frunk.

    Nothing fancy, direct-wired USB port to the battery with a fused harness. My goal is just to power my Garmin, and have a spare port to keep the mobile phone charged. Came with a 7.5 amp mini fuse, replaced with a 3 amp to keep the phone happy, and due to the fact that the Garmin 12V cigar...
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    Took a ride today, to use my gift card

    Went to the dealer yesterday, as I had a gift card from the Dealer that was part of my NC purchase last year. Closing in on a year since I purchased it, and the gift card expired soon. Saw a late-model, clean VMax inside (walk right past it, Ron...). Quick background, my late father in...
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    Impressive Rider on NC700X

    I don't know how I found this - but I was pretty impressed. Can anyone translate and lend any insight?
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    Are the NC700S and NC700X windscreens interchangeable?

    Hey riders - Does anyone know if the NC700S and NC700X windscreen pre drilled bolt holes are the same? I'm looking to install a smaller (yes, I said it) one on my NC700X in place of the OEM. I was thinking of this: MRA SportScreen Windshield For Honda NC700S '12-'13 -
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    Rear preload adjustment for a heavier rider.

    Posing a question for those with experience adjusting the rear spring preload from stock. Quick background: I am 300 pounds, ride alone, with no bags/cases. I do like to ride on curvy or sweeping roads much of the time, and while I do not set a blistering pace, I have enough experience and...
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    Fly Screen for NC

    :confused: Anyone out there having any luck finding a shorter (yes, shorter) wind screen / fly screen for their NC? Have not had any luck. Don't really want to modify another screen or fabricate something out of a helmet visor if possible. Thanks!
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    Poor (and lazy) mans' Tail Tidy

    So I got tired of looking at the lower/bottom part of the rear fender that dropped below the license plate. Removed the plate, and cut the plastic with a hack saw just under the license plate attachment point at the metal frame. Cleaned it up with a file - and put the plate on. Eight-sixed the...
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    Easy Center Stand Install

    This is really easy - if you take just a few minutes and think it through first. I read some posts, then checked YouTube (see link at the end here) Here's what I did - 1- Install rubber stopper as needed on stand. I used spray silicone to lube. 2- Install spring "keeper nut" into...
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    Radiator Cap

    Has anyone seen a replacement radiator cap out there for the NC that is chrome? Just thinking of a litle dress up maybe. Thanks!
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    First tank fill up.

    Well, went for a ride after work and filled the tank for the first time. Pleased! 66.8 miles per gallon. I really wasn't riding for economy, or riding hard - just riding. At 6'4" and 300 pounds, pretty impressed. I guess what you all have been saying is true! :cool:
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    Am I alone on this?

    So I've had my NC700X for a week now. Have been on two rides. This was after a sixteen year "out of motorcycling" phase to raise two children and married (good!) life taking over. I started on an '93 Intruder 1400, then rode with a group that was more sporting - and traded for a '95 GPZ1100...
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    Good Morning from Washington State

    Hello everyone- Picking up new NC700X this morning, wanted to get on a Forum. Looking forward to riding again and talking with you follks! Enjoy your Sunday! Ron