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    Alpinstars Sz 14 street boots - Shoei Qwest XXL helmet - Firstgear Kilimanjaro 3XL

    Have Alpinstars Sz 14 street boots - Shoei Qwest XXL helmet - Firstgear Kilimanjaro 3XL jacket all for sale. All in nice shape. Offers?
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    New 2016 NC750X delivered yesterday

    Welcome - beautiful bike. Ride safe and enjoy!
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    New NC in Chicagoland!

    Welcome - enjoy your new NC and ride safe!
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    Motorcyclist killed in crash 3 minutes after being stopped for speeding

    Goodness. I drive right past this area when I go home each day. Never saw him while riding out there. Heartbreaking. Guy was my age too - same bike - same backyard. Rest in peace. Ride safely, everyone.
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    Boots required?

    In agreement with everyone so far. One addition for me with M/C boots is better feel of the shift lever over work boots - at least for me.
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    seat options

    For my bony ar$e, the Shad Comfort seat is quite good. Doubled my mileage.
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    What would be a nice pet name for our NCX700?

    Not original - My NC is my only motorcycle currently, so I call it "The Honda". Sorry I don't have anything better at the moment.
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    Hello from Seattle area

    Hello from Fox Island WA. Ride safe.
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    2016: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Happy with the new slip on. Happier with finding the quiet baffle installed - removed. Happier with the more open baffle installed. Happiest with no baffle installed :) Not even obnoxious! Sounds the way it should, and if needed, slip the baffle back in.
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    Oil change

    Years ago, I worked at a Dealership that had a huge oil change business (20-35 LOF's a day). Now and then, a Technician would remove the gasket off of an old filter, usually at the end of the day, on a filter type that had just been changed by the lube rack next to his own (oftentimes, the oil...
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    Hello from a rainy Finland

    Welcome, from the state of Washington. Enjoy your new Honda, and ride safe.
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    Good for you - love my red '13. Enjoy!
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    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Great looking NC - and, as noted by others - awesome wife! Congrats and ride safe.
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    Hi from the UK

    Beautiful! Welcome, and enjoy it!
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    Hello from Covington, Louisiana

    Welcome, from the great Pacific NW.
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    Newbie questions about exhaust noise and safety

    Well said - I agree completely!
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    Mmotoparts Rack for the NC700X

    Sure appears solid!
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    Done farkling?

    Enjoying the seat. I would say it honestly doubles the mileage. Works for me!
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    Done farkling?

    2 years of ownership, here are the mods: - Bar end mirrors - Painted OEM mirror black inside - COX radiator guard - Shad comfort seat - 12v port and battery tender pigtail in "frunk" - IXIL slip on exhaust - Trimmed the rear fender No plans to take off the asphalt, so street tires...