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    Kappa GIVI K53 luggage case - SO CAL

    located in so cal like new condition. price : 180- pick up only- too big to ship
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    2018 Nucamp [email protected] teardrop camping trailer

    had it for about 8 months GF wants something else. any one interested? I am located in SO California super light. under 1000 lbs, can be towed by any 4cyl let me know if more photos are needed SOLD
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    Motobriiz Wind Powered Automatic Motorcycle Chain Oiler

    Motobriiz Wind Powered Automatic Motorcycle Chain Oiler with water trap retails for $93 selling for $85 shipped got it for a 2nd bike, never used it. open box. i used mine with motor oil, works very well. i got the top of the line model with the water trap. Products...
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    FOBO Bike Bluetooth Android and iOS Compatible Tire Pressure Monitor

    I used it for for a few month. took it off as i did not find myself using it as must as i liked. find more info here: retails for $99 new Shipped to you for $60
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    Gel Battery

    Anyone used a Gel Battery in the NC instead of the AGM battery? what are your thought on this?
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    Ec5 jumper cable with SAE adapter Weego JSPT524 Jump Start Charging 2-in-1 Powersports Clamp Replacement Tether Harness (for Js12 & Js6): Automotive this is a great buy !!!
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    CTX700N madstad 18 inch screen $180

    CTX700N madstad 18 inch screen $180 small scratch on the edge due to dropping the bike. see photos
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    2014 CTX700N DCT ABS 2400 miles SO CAL Black $4900

    2014 CTX700N DCT ABS 2400 miles SO CAL Black $4900 - upgrades: large foot rest/pegs GIVI rack. Puig windshiled will post pic at a later time or please PM me with # and i can text you some photos if needed great condition, got for the GF, but she does not ride as must as...
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    Keyless Start Keyless Ignition Module for Honda CBR 600RR, 600F4i & 1000RR Motorcycles: Car Electronics 404 Not Found our ignition is not the smoothest .... i think i might have found a solution. but way too expensive! this is keyless... have anyone tried this or something similar...
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    Anyone used HiFlo air filter? opinion have anyone used this filter? this is half the price of OEM. how does it compare to OEM quality? same filtration quality? one key of a long lasting engine is good filtration of air...
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    RK Chain opinion and review???

    anyone used RK chain? RK Chains I have never used on the NC or any other bikes. any of you used it on the NC or any other bike ? good product? I have seen it for ok price. $68 buck of a xring chain.
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    2017 honda x-adv there is 82 photos at the right side of the site. this is the NC upgraded in every aspect. one of the unexpected luxury item... keyless. it uses just a fob. very nice. i hope is come with...
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    All MotoGP rider will have airbag suit in 2018 this is great news as this tech usually trickle down to the consumer = lowering the price..
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    Ride-on or re-balance the tire?

    I just got a new front tire put on, i am getting a bit of wobble and vibration on the handlebar.. seem like they did not balance the tire well. as i did not feel it with the old tire. so now what do you guys suggest? take off the tire and have them re-balance it? or just put ride-on...
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    Honda X-ADV Scooter Confirmed for EICMA 2016
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    exhaust protection slider- cheap version

    US Stock Universal for Akrapovic Oval Exhaust Protector Can Cover | eBay found this on ebay. cheap version of the r&g version it fits ctx and NC700x muffler it is hard plastic on the outside and nicely padded with rubber on the inside. i think it will work well in parking lot...
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    Tutoro Oil chain oil alternative?

    I could not find a thread... anyone use any other oil other then Tutoro oil? their website seem to advise not use any other oil other then theirs due to corrosion or flow rate. any oil expert out there? is this just marketing...
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    MMoto Engine Guards bolts are too short

    currently I am in the process of installing Mmoto engine guard for DCT, just to find out that the bolt they provided is way too short. so far i figure that the bolt on the bottom right needs to be at least 80mm. the original bolt would protrude out of the hole. the provide one is only...
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    need help with engine bolts

    I got the Mmoto engine guard, but i notice that the bolts they send are too short even compared to stock. Engine guard, crash bars for DCT for Honda NC700X can anyone help me locate longer bolts ASAP...
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    BDC Announces the ShiftFX Electronic Shift Transmission for OEM Applications

    make any bike automatic ! ^ video and photo if you want another bike and honda DCT is not avail? there is a solution in the horizon!