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    Looking for ladies gear

    Am on my second pair of Joe Rocket Alter Ego pants. Adjustable cuffs, knee armor, and waist. Not super flattering but protective and have a zip off piece for hot weather. Haven’t found the perfect riding pants but as I can’t even find normal pants that fit my small waist and large behind, this...
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    Where are all the ladies?!

    Thanks! I haven't looked for quite some time so it makes sense there is a better solution now. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Where are all the ladies?!

    Hi Dr D, Haven't checked in to the forum of late, my apologies. Ordered the lowering links from soupy's plus an adjustable kickstand. Had the dealer install everything as I didn't have a good local resource at the time. Plans to get a center stand altered and installed as well though. Really...
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    Where are all the ladies?!

    Hear, hear! Am certain I should be 5'7" but something went awry along the way. 5'4 will have to do. And yes, my NC is lowered as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Where are all the ladies?!

    No offense to those who like the camaraderie but I can't recall having a question or concern that was gender specific beyond why don't clothing manufacturers take into account the differential between waist and hip measurements [emoji12]Granted, it will be nice when female riders are no longer...
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    Fixing the squishy rear brake

    Helpful thread, mine wasn't squishy until recently so was concerned something had gone wrong. All checks out OK but will probably replace the pads in case they are glazed. Would just try some hard stopping to scrape it off but...well, the squish likely wouldn't let me get too nuts. Seem to hold...
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    Side Bags, Hard Luggage

    I have the Trekkers and quite like them. Purchase was due to previous experience with Givi and the top opening option. That said, the top only opens half so only small things will fit w/o opening the clamshell. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    she passedd

    Congratulations to your wife! Now if I could get my husband to do the same....... Re;"ladies section"- the lack of activity is due to not needing a special section. We are simply riders. Just like y'all. Looking for the same information and groupthink. Sent from a newfangled digital doo-hickey
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    Aux lights....Ideas?

    Hey JDE, how/where did you mount them? I'm thinking about putting them on the crash bars (Givi). Thoughts? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Belated greetings from Stumptown

    Thanks all, looking forward to meeting more people to ride with. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    "No Shift Shootout" from

    I've noticed most of the motorcycle riders who make fun of automatics have never been on one. Modern scooterists know the appeal, especially in the city! Kinda sad I get more howdy waves on a motorcycle than I did on even the big scoot ( Aprilia Scarabeo 500ie). The Scott Beo took me across...
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    Belated greetings from Stumptown

    Joined awhile back but have been remiss not introducing myself. Cycle Trader posting led me to a nice guy in my neighborhood selling his 2012 NC700X last September. I was only casually looking but the universe spoke. No extras, but low miles, extended warranty (would not have paid for it...
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    I can't decide between OEM sidebags and Trekker 33 side bags

    Opted for Trekker, though now that I see the TraX from SW Motech, wonder if I should have waited. They are pretty darn cool as well and possibly less expensive. Haven't priced it out because I don't really want to know. Wanted the bike to carry more crap as take up more visual space for the...
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    Building a NC700X into a "Communter Bike"

    Odd no one mentioned "boot" as an option. Could also be a hell-hole, as in helmet holder. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I Used to Have Trouble Getting it Up

    I know this thread is no longer active but wanted to chime in as a long time rider of scooters that were "too tall" for me. Never could roll the bike off the stand while sitting...not enough boot on the ground to get it done. Never dropped one taking it off the stand (even the 500 pound beast)...