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    Fully-Farkled 2013 Honda NC700XD (SoCal) - SOLD

    Update 8/16/20 - SOLD to a local guy who had an NC w/ DCT in the past! Glad it went to someone who appreciated the bike. -------------------------------- Hi all, I need to sell my 2013 NC700XD due to a move. Before advertising it locally, I thought I should see if anyone on the forum was...
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    Seen in the wild

    Saw a silver NC with full factory bags on I-15 southbound in the carpool/toll lane this morning around 6:30-ish this morning around Rancho Bernardo (San Diego area). Rider was wearing a yellow hi-vis suit. I travel that route all the time on my NC but happened to be in my car this morning...
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    Crash Bars + Light Bar

    I have them both installed - no clearance issues at all.
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    Best Taller Aftermarket Seat for NC700X?

    Second that! I made both of those mods as well and it made a world of difference in how long I can ride.
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    A useful first aid kit

    While looking at the commercial first aid kits online, I found they were cheap and completely useless for the types of injuries one would encounter at a motor vehicle accident scene. Since I'm no EMT, I started doing research and found some good info on what should really be in a useful first...
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    Corbin Seat

    Seat has been sold to a forum member.
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    Corbin Seat

    SOLD I have a Corbin from my 2013 NC700 DCT for sale. I got a Russell Day Long so I don't need it any longer. It has a grey leather top with black vinyl sides. The top is worn, but not ripped. Asking $125 and I pick up the shipping w/in the US. In the interest of full disclosure, this...
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    Replacing the NC's Orginal Horn (Video)

    Nice! I put a Denali SoundBomb compact air horn on mine - that thing is LOUD! I like the tone of the PIAA over stock though.
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    Russell Day Long - Ordering Experince so far

    Thanks for this info and the follow up post. My build date is 8/8 and your initial impressions had me worried. I had an RDL on my old BMW F650GS but it was made for the original owner. Even then I could do 3 - 4 hours before even thinking about needing a break. Glad to hear it's working...
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    2017: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Today I put on an SW Motech skid plate and a Denali SoundBomb horn. Both were the result of my lowered resistance while home sick when the Twisted Throttle sale emails arrived. I wasn't planning on getting the skid plate and was on the fence about the horn, but the sale pushed me over the edge...
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    SW-MOTECH Skid Plates on sale

    I chatted with Twisted Throttle's customer service who said they'd have more in the first half of July. I went ahead and ordered one as other sites (Revzilla) are showing them as discontinued. BUT, just got an email from TT letting me know the crash bars shipped and will be here next week...
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    2017: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Finally put on my Rox 2" risers! I should've put them on BEFORE my 2 hour ride, but the weather was too nice to wait. I don't know how other DCT owners were able to add the risers without re-routing the brake line, but I had NO extra wiggle room. I ended up dropping the front forks down below...
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    WTB: Stock Rear Seat

    What kind of seat are you having them make for you, and the cost if you don't mind sharing? The original owner of my NC put a Corbin on it and I don't find it much better than stock. My last motorcycle, BMW F650GS, had a Russell seat that the original owner had made for a trip from SoCal to...
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    How I fund my farkle addiction

    I'm not really using Acorns for "investing" obviously. The real reason I use it at all is I really like the round-up method to saving. If Digit would do that I would just use it exclusively. I suppose I could do it on my own, but having it done before I notice it's gone is nice.
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    How I fund my farkle addiction

    As we all know, adding farkles is a never ending process that can get costly. I thought I'd share how I've been funding my own addiction and even how I paid for my NC. I started using two apps on my phone, Digit and Acorns last year. Digit is a savings app and Acorns is an investing app...