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    Changing brake lines on ABS 2018

    Same on two 1982 Cx500T and 1983 Goldwing ………….40 and 39 years old respectively.
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    Changing brake lines on ABS 2018

    That is not true……..the brake fluid in the ABS unit is flushed with a conventional bleed. There maybe an ounce or less that is not moved. That small amount will move or circulate with the key pump run, solenoids cycle, pressure build and self check. If you were really overly concerned you...
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    Changing brake lines on ABS 2018

    Honda recommends brake fluid change/flush at 2 years or 12,000 miles for most of the models. There is no mention of line or rubber hose service or interval other than visual inspection. Brake fluid change is likely one to the top maintenance items that is ignored. Reason it can be complex and...
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    Changing brake lines on ABS 2018

    There’s is no special software or scan tool required to bleed brakes for maintenance or when parts are replaced. Most will use a vacuum to bleed the system. Hand power or air powered are the most common. The pump the brake levers method is the most tedious and might take two people...
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    OEM Air filter - Made in China?

    There can be counterfeit concerns on parts purchased on eBay and Amazon ( and other sources) with or with out “HONDA labels”. (The labels can be copied)……maybe earlier than the parts . Unfortunately common with all manufacturers seems especially common with spark plugs ( NGK) , all types of...
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    Look away if you are of a sensitive disposition…

    First thought: Original owner purchased new or was the bike purchased used ? Was there knocking or any Unusual engine noise prior ? Did the engine lock up on the highway ? Was there any loose or wrong parts in the stator area on the first disassembly ? Like a crushed bolt/nut etc Was the left...
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    Easiest way for extra lighting?

    If it turns out the special factory style connector is not available………. Cut both end off and use individual bullet connectors. If it a junction the same style connectors are available in two and three junctions.
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    Engine light on (and flashing) and exhaust/engine run off beat.

    No 8-5 code in the manual. 8-1 and 8-2 are TP sensor errors Has you mentioned: 86-1 is dash data line communication issue …….common with battery low and loose battery connections.
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    Does anyone know the part no. of this windshield?

    Parts warehouse used the wrong picture. As mentioned in post #4 the number appears to correct.
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    Does anyone know the part no. of this windshield?

    HONDA offered an accessory Touring screen ……….
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    Chain Slack

    The service manual subscription fees are only one part: car manufacturers require an APP and monthly subscription fee for remote start and other features. It‘s the “gift” ( aka business plan) that keeps on giving for years and years and years.
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    2018 NC750X Stiff Chain Links

    120ZB ………..means one size chain fits many ……..when the installer sizes the chain to the needed length. That part number fits at least 20 models over at least 12 years.
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    Seat Slope Mod by SmallLabTinyFab

    Might have to wait years ( if ever) with the current Russian situation ?????
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    That’s why they lock ( jam) nuts……..tighten the adaptor, then tighten the jam nuts …….problem solved.
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    Side Stand Question

    Be careful some of the slop and friction in the stand is built in……..to allow the bike to lean in when sitting on the stand. Some of the friction is also to minimize the chances of being blown off or roll off the stand in high winds on slight slope. The stand should move with little or no...