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    Crashed the cruiser! :(

    Holy crap. That sucks. Thank goodness for the brain bucket - avoided some serious ”tissue damage”... Get better and go shopping
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    Using 87 instead 91 gas

    Interesting study by FortNine on this subject...
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    New Owner - NE Florida

    Welcome Steve! Very happy for you!. I‘m certain you’ll enjoy the NC. Hope I can one day slip down your way for a ride. Happy Holidays :cool:
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    New member welcome thread..

    Welcome newbie! We were all newbies once :cool:
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    Ignition Switch Issues

    Check the easy stuff first and the area most recently “touched”. With the symptoms you describe, my money is on the battery terminals. Disconnect the terminals. Clean them and the cable ends up with a wire brush. Re-attach and get em tight.
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    Which type of Master Link is this? I'm just learning about the new Rivet typs

    One thing for sure, using the clips will sure shorten the installation time. I may have been a little too meticulous with the rivet install as I measured numerous times while mushrooming the rivets. No regrets, but it took considerable time and patience.
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    Feels great to be back on two wheels

    Nice.. worries over... The Mobile Tech visit went well?
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    Installing new battery, and need some suggestions

    I will admit to being a bit of a dunce when it comes to most things involving WIRES. Any pics you can share as well as where to connect would be appreciated here at least! Thanks in advance! :)
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    "Ratcheting" sound in chain after new rear tire mounting

    Better yet...a match made in heaven...??;)
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    "Ratcheting" sound in chain after new rear tire mounting

    You did the right thing. That 80 bucks will be money well spent as you get to watch and ask questions. A rare opportunity. Have the snacks and coffee waiting for him. :cool:
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    Harley-Davidson ‘Custom 1250’ Could Be Coming Soon

    Cafe-style seat, scrambler-style pipes, clamshell ergonomics... hmm, Doesn’t scratch the itch for me.. opinions will vary
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    "Ratcheting" sound in chain after new rear tire mounting

    Off topic - but only a little.. This thread is like a case study in what a forum SHOULD look like when it comes to helping one another with our common love of all things “Motor-bike”. I‘ve owned a wide range of makes over the years and as a result have belonged to and followed a large number...
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    Rounded off oil drain plug bolt, anyone know where I can get new one?

    And don’t forget to use a crush washer. A very inexpensive step that can help prevent pulling out the threads.
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    2021 Royal Enfield Interceptor

    It’s a LOOKER for sure. Enjoy!