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    2019: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Yes. I was active on a Goldwing forum about 20 years ago when this was discussed at length. Some "experts" stated that tire compounds changed over time even when stored in a dark closet (as some had done). But many agreed that you could compare new tires with aged and it was apparent that...
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    motorcycling pet peeves

    I'd write and tell the seller that he could be in trouble for false advertising. There has never been a non-DCT with ABS here in the states, right? I buy model trains on ebay and correct sellers all the time. Most appreciate and thank me for the info and change their ad, those who don't make...
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    Greetings from Toasty Tucson

    I can relate, I'll be 68 in a couple weeks. One of the things we all love about the NCs is that they have a low center of gravity. They're not light but feel light and flickable, brilliant Honda design. Some of the prices people are asking for the 700 seem high when there are plenty of new...
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    Shinko 705

    The problem is that the math is exact but the tires are not. I've learned only use the numbers for a rough estimate. The actual size of tires varies according to manufacturer and style/profile. And mileage, inflation, weight of bike etc. At some point I mount my Garmin to the bike/car and...
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    Anyone ride the length of Route 66?

    I live a couple hundred feet from Historic Rt. 66. Around here they make a big deal of it.
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    1. I didn't read the whole thread. 2. I'm cheap. 3. A few months ago I discovered the Fruit of the Loom micro-stretch boxer briefs at Malwart. Moisture-wicking, microfiber, thin and slippery, 92% polyester/8% spandex, no noticeable seams, $17 for a 5-pack. Bought them just before picking...
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    600 Mile Inspection Question

    So you bought a used bike from a dealer and have his local warranty, not honored by American Honda? Or is your bike NOS??? I agree with dduelin, that dealer is demanding that you pay him for an expensive, unnecessary check and threatening to void your warranty if you don't comply??? Screw...
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    600 Mile Inspection Question

    After seeing this thread I had to go check my manual to be sure. For my 2018 the only 600 mile service is oil and filter. Valve adjustment isn't until 16,000. I've heard of dealers say they could "void your warranty" but I don't think that's true, probably wouldn't hold up in court. Just...
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    Yamaha MT-09??

    Yes the MT used to be called the FZ. The MT-09 is comparable to our NCs in many ways. It's not called an "adventure" bike so has less clearance and travel but it is a naked standard bike with upright seating position. I've only had my NC for a couple of months but already wish it was more...
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    Moto Guzzi Is Selling a Lot of V85 TT Motorcycles

    Personally, I think this is advertising BS. Advertising $$$ at work. Moto Guzzi makes a nice bike but is it better than a Beemer or Triumph or Ducati or Honda?? Does it handle better than those bikes, faster than them, cheaper, easier to own, more reliable??? IMO no.
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    Black or White?

    That Revzilla article is interesting but they lumped we "standard" riders in with the black-leather cruiser guys. I'm more a BMW/Goldwing/Triumph kind of guy. 2. The article only talked of that Hi-Viz yellow color, not white or others. I like White and don't especially care for HV yellow...
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    Black or White?

    I have another idea about white helmets (and why I think they're best); we (all drivers) recognize white helmets. Our subconscious mind spots them and labels "motorcycle rider" without even thinking about it, it's a programmed reaction. White helmets have been around for what, 70 years? And...
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    Black or White?

    In 2005 I bought the first new Cobalt SS Supercharged that showed up at the local dealer. Great car, loved the color!
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    2019: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Picked up my new bike, within an hour had to borrow a crescent wrench to tighten a mirror. Didn't think ahead, had to stop next day to tighten the other one.
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    Black or White?

    I've seen some bikers here wearing the Hi-Viz vests and might get one myself; saw they have them at Walmart for a few bucks. Just for here in the city where there are a million lights and side streets.