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    2016 NC750X No Thanks

    Japanese manufacturing would never have a binload of anything leftover.........Soichiro Honda and Kiichiro Toyoda would never have allowed it. look up Kanban, lean manufacturing and just-in-time philosophy, truly an art. it's why they kicked our collective asses, To true when I delivered to...
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    Stock Tool Kit

    This is the tool kit in the uk.
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    Not the only rider at work today

    There are a few of us that ride to work, in the uk, In the summer it got so busy with the bikes, that they gave us ( and the boss painted a big sign, " motor bike only " and we ended up with the corner of the car park, which can take about 20 bikes, any car that is parked in there gets a £20 fine,
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    Hello from the Garden of England

    Hi, John and welcome, I am a few miles from you down in Portsmouth,
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    Helmets, speakers and ear plugs

    Before I bought the nc, I had a Honda pc 800, on the faring there were 2 speaker mounting point built in to the dash, so I fitted a radio in the boot, and a set of 200 watt speakers to the bike, you could here it at 80+ mph no problem+ speakers in my crash helmet. Now I have a radio in the...
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    Slip on exhaust that works with saddlebags and centerstand - need help

    I have fitted a short stubby one on my bike from SP Engineering in the uk, with the db killer in, but have put 5 bolts in the small holes on the db killer, sounds nice :angel: fits with the panniers on as well.
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