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    Somewhere over the Rainbow

    There will always be a rainbow hanging over this earth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Royal Enfield May Kill its 500cc Models

    Royal Enfield’s CEO Siddhartha Lal has already hinted at a bigger Himalayan, one fact that comes clear is that it will share the engine with the Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650. The 648cc twin-cylinder engine is good for 47HP at 7250 rpm and 52Nm at 5250 rpm. The engine comes mated to...
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    New Africa Twin = Home Run?

    My current Africa Twin only has 26,000 miles due the heath problems I ran into the last 2 years. However, I know beyond any shadow of a doubt I am selling my current Africa Twin for the new 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT. I have been on the roads to the ends of Alaska (the known...
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    New Africa Twin = Home Run?

    One of the best things I ever learned from our navy friend, Fuzzy, is the Tutoro chain oiler. The rear rim still needs cleaning, but the oiler sure cuts down the time spent on the chain.
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    New Africa Twin = Home Run?

    1. Weight of unit - Honda NC750 DCT weight is 500 lbs Suzuki VStrom 650 weight is 490 lbs BMW R1250 GS is 549 lbs 2020 Honda Africa Twin DCT Sports ES weight is 520 with the new light frame So, not...
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    Hello from North West Louisiana! New member alert.

    Howdy from Texas. Now that you own a NC, JUST RIDE!
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    would u pay $1000 to avoid a skinned knee??

    I paid big dollars for the cycleport riding gear. As much as I ride, this was a great investment. For textile polyester garments the higher the denier number the higher the price. I have been down at speeds well into the 60’s. I have dislocated bones, but not a shingle scratch. Also, my...
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    Anyone ride the length of Route 66?

    East coast is well marked and easy to follow. The West coast is very easy to follow because it is in the desert. However, the middle. Oklahoma is a spot to have good maps. Also, at certain times different roads where part of Route 66. You have to watch out for wild life when you get around...
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    Touring w/ Soft Bags

    I agree with dduelin............
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    Baja Mexico on the NC700X

    Great write up. You will be cleaning the sand out of your ears for years! Did you pet the whales or go across the Sea of Cortez? Across the Sea of Cortez is Copper Canyon, it is about 4 to 5 times bigger than the Grand Canyon. I do love riding Mexico, since 1969 and never any real problems...
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    On-board camera options?

    This is another try of the video. It is working on a few other sites, no idea why will not work here!!! YouTube YouTube
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    On-board camera options?

    All of the above listed can be done with the insta360 one x. I am now waiting on the newly designed venture case for the camera. Once it arrives I will show you the camera mounted to the bike. The water tight case is much like the GoPro. You can buy GoPro adaptors for attaching all GoPro...
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    On-board camera options?

    Example of what a Insta360 One X can do. So many ways to make the video using this camera. Click of video to see in YouTube. YouTube
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    On-board camera options?

    I have been using GoPro cameras for many years, and they are great... See “Adventures of Nana Chou” on YouTube about my NC7 adventures.. However, the new king of the adventure cameras is now here! Insta360 one. Mine will be arriving on Friday! Just hit the YouTube button to see.... YouTube
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    Hello from McKinney, TX

    Howdy, from Webster, Texas. The center stand is a great feature to have....