Old Can Ride

I first got on Buddy Sadler's Sears Moped in July 1958. Even though I was on the rear rack, I knew this was for me. The next day I was at the Cushman Dealership three blocks from my home, bothering the owner of the one man dealership. After hanging around 8 hours per day for a week, the owner agreed to let me work for free and knowledge, and I became the only employee at the Cushman Dealership. The next month, I was totally surprised the first day of 7th grade when I walked into my homeroom science class to see the owner of the little Cushman shop was also my science teacher.

After high school my friends and neighbors sent me a letter. These folks were nice enough to send me to helicopter flight school, and gave me a one year all expense paid trip to Southeast Asia. I flew helicopters as a member of the 1st Air Cavalry in Viet Nam. Heck, I even had a Honda press frame 90cc when in Viet Nam. Why heck, when I left Viet Nam those nice folks gave me a Bronze Star, and 23 Air Metals.

After Viet Nam and 4 ½ years service in the Army, my friends and neighbors were nice enough to give me a GI bill for college. So, I went to college and the nice people at University of Houston gave me a degree.

While in college I figured the family and I had to eat, and the nice people at the Houston Police Department gave me a job. What a great job, I got to ride motorcycles and fly helicopters. So, I stayed for 21 ½ years before I retired.

Being the other police officers didn’t want to work night shift, the Houston Police Department was nice enough to let me work night shift. So, being I was off work during the day and evening, in 1981 Farmers Insurance was nice enough to send me to their Insurance University, and the State of Texas was nice enough to give me all my insurance licenses, and I started my insurance agency.

In 1997 the nice people at Yamaha were nice enough to give me a dealership. The nice folks that came by the dealership to visit, bought so many Yamaha motorcycles, ATVs, and watercraft that before long Honda, Suzuki, and Kymco all gave me dealerships. So, for 17 years I sold insurance and motorsports products at the same location. What made this job so sweet, besides shop rides, I got to ride so many different kinds of used motorcycles 100 miles every day, 6 days a week, to and from work . Also, these companies would send me to other counties to ride motorcycles. All I had to do was just win their sales contests. What a great job!

Then in 2012, the nice people of the city came in one day and wanted to purchase all my property for a new city hall. So, I just sold these nice folks everything. Now I’ve got the best job ever, Retired!

I bought my Honda NC700X in January of 2013. The New Concept 700x is the only motorcycle ever made by any motorcycle company to be designed to obtain "high miles per gallon" (64 Miles per Gallon). Yes, the bike is down on power, it has a rev delimiter that cuts off spark to the spark plug if you try to drive to fast, and most folks have a hard time imagining a motorcycle that quite often will not run the speed limit. However, while riding "Nana Chou" (I named my bike in Japanese "Grand Mother Butterfly") and I have now gone to Daytona bike week (three times), Key West (three times), Canada (Two Times), Alaska (Two Times), Maine's leaf colors, U.S. Highway 1 (East Coast), California Highway 1 (Two Times) and 101 (West Coast), I-10 from one end of this county to the other end (Three times), I-95 from one to the other end, I-45 from one end to the other (6 Times), Redwood Forest, Golden Gate Bridge, Pikes Peak (Two Times), Million Dollar Highway (Two Times), Texas Blue Bonnet Independence Trail (6 Times), Lone Star Rally (Every year), Texas Hill country, Three Twisted Sisters a few times, Arkansas Pig Trail (twice),Anacortes, Washington, Arkansas Scenic 7 (twice), and Arkansas Hillbilly Hangout (twice), Baja - Mexico, Cooper Canyon, Mexico - all since purchasing this bike. Currently over 101,000 miles. To see the videos of my adventures in YouTube go to "Adventures of Nana Chou". The only problems I had,were solved with accessories.

In January 2017 it was time to put "Nana Chou" out to pasture, as she had earned that.. Then I met "Queenie", a tall, slim, beautiful Honda Africa Twin DCT. It was love at first sight. So, for 24,000 miles now I have been riding Queenie...

When Blue Knights VI started, they made me a charter member. Now, Blue Knights XXXI which is near my home have also made me a member.

In 2017 the super nice folks at the American Legion Post made me a American Legion Rider, and I got to escort all the great USA Wounded Warriors from the San Antonio to the Kemah boardwalk for a outstanding weekend...

And last, but surely not least, I now get to ride "Queenie" at least twice a week with my good friends in the Retreads..........

Got a few miles on Queenie, so I have now added another steel horse to my stable. Her name is “Red”, as she is a ravishing red Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. Got her ready for some serious travel, but virus has slowed us all to a stop!!

But more important than anything else, is I have been lucky enough to be married to my wife for almost 52 years. With our 4 kids, 6 grand kids, and one great grand child, she has been nice enough to put up with all my adventures over all these years..

What a wonderful life !

Adventures on motorcycles
Webster, Texas


Why not seize the pleasure at once? -- How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, and foolish planning? Just do it. Shut the frunk up and Ride !!!!!!!!!!


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