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    K1 set up
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    Turn signal relay for LED turn signals

    To rehash an old thread, i purchased this one from Ebay and installed it today. Works perfect with 4 LED indicators installed
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    Indicator Relay Location?

    Champion :) Found and replaced :)
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    Air Bag Motorcycle Jackets!

    Not sure if you have seen the newer jackets which don't have the pull cable deployment, they are pretty cool! Access Denied
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    Indicator Relay Location?

    Well guess it was worth asking... doesnt seem like anyone felt like answering LOL
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    Indicator Relay Location?

    Ive had a quick hunt around on google and the forum but no luck just yet, can anyone point me in the right direction to easily locate the indicator relay/flasher on an NC750SA? Im hazarding a guess its going to be buried deep inside the faring somewhere inconvenient where my nonjapanese sized...
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    NC700SA seat v's NC750SA seat switchable?

    Howdy A mate just bought an NC700SA and the seat is pretty damn hideous and slippery. Ive got a spare NC750SA seat sitting at home, without his off to try... does anyone know offhand if the newer NC750SA seat will fit over to the NC700SA by chance?
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    Innovv K1 Camera setup

    Drop Rock an email, he responds very quickly. Might just be a firmware flash to get it back up and running. Try it without the battery installed? And make sure you dont do my stupid mistake of plugging power into the wrong plug in the DVR! Mines been great since I got it.
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    had a little accident!

    You'll be fine mate :) easiest way to remember is to keep the passenger in the gutter LOL. heres a few pretty pictures here that explain roundabouts pretty well Roundabouts - Road rules - Safety & rules - Roads - Roads and Maritime Services You are supposed to indicate when you are leaving the...
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    had a little accident!

    We have roundabouts everywhere here in Australia, if you know how to use them they are great and keep traffic flowing. I always find it funny when people say they freak out trying to use them. Classic from Victoria, Easy done!
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    2016: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Shad seat installed today, just need to go for a ride now!
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    Who uses Bluetooth?

    Agree with Sena, I have the SMH10R and its great. Listen to music, occasional call, navigation and chatting to a mate when we ride together. Battery lasts pretty well too. Im tossing up upgrading to the newer 20s at some point if mine decides to die. SMH10R - Sena
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    How about a game of NC tag? Its a lot of fun!

    Ohhhhh nice work! Was starting to wonder if anyone could get it done!
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    Today was the day!!

    :) nice work. I love the blue, checked one out in the dealership 2 weeks ago and the blue looks great. We don't get the LED headlight stack here in Aus :mad: