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    My first ever ride

    My first ride... I was 10 it was a Honda Z50...they call them monkeybikes now. (40 years ago). Your feelings mirror mine. it never leaves. (Except for the hour or so you are stuck in the rainstorm with no wet weather gear hehe) Congratulations and welcome to the club for life. Nebo.
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    Breaking - Locking up

    Thread is old but I thought i would add my 2 cents. When they say blip, it is matching revs. on my NC there is 1000 revs between each gear. So to change down from 4th to 3rd at the same speed you need to add 1000 revs when you pull the clutch in to match your road speed as a constant. it becomes...
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    Taller screen

    Thats a Cal-sci, can tell by the cut out. if you go their website they have lots of info about right sizing screens. for the riding position. You will be able to use the info for your replacement if/when you get one. regards, Nebo
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    Working the gears in turns at intersections - NCX vs other manual bikes

    hi, similar engine sized bikes are similar, I just stepped off a SV650 and got the NC700s. Same thing except different revs. 4k in first is the same a 6k in first on that one.= 40km/h. If you are stopped at lights I dont see how you could be going that fast by the other side of the road. If you...
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    New member welcome thread..

    Gidday from Oz. Kids grown so back riding. (easier to buy a bike than a car for commuting to work and which they would always be borrowing). Bought a SV650, nice bike but why manufacturers make bikes with ranges of less than a small weeks commute is beyond me.(or between country towns, need...
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    Comment by 'Nebo' in media 'Adventure'

    lol did exactly this on my GSXR400 in far north Queensland as a young guy riding around Oz