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    Took Delivery

    Glad to see you bought the DCT and the best colour (same as mine of course!) 2500 mile on mine now and it just gets better and better...... the DCT is just superb and suits this bike perfectly... If you think it pulls well now - wait until it loosens up after a thousand miles or so :) Enjoy...
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    NC750X Tyre Wear

    Just had an interesting conversation with a nice chap from Dunlop Europe - he confirmed that the Trailmax Tyres fitted to the 750, being a 'semi offroad' tyre, aren't dual compound so for road use only this wear rate is not unusual. He also said that the wear rate probably won't be linear over...
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    NC750X Tyre Wear

    Just clicked over 2000 miles on my 750x DCT and whilst cleaning at the weekend I checked the tyres - surprisingly both the front and rear are down to under 3mm. Tyres are the standard fitment Dunlop Trailmax's. Pressures are spot on... I reckon before 4000 miles they will be ilegal - seems a...
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    Anyone on the forum parking at Plantation Place London?

    Hi - just wondered if anyone on the forum parks their Red NC700 in Plantation Place (where I work) in London? Seen it a few times - not for a while, but it's back today - Say Hi if it's you! Cheers, Mike.
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    Talk me into buying an NC700X / NC750X.

    Hi Webbiker - I too looked at the KTM as an option - really nice bike - it just didn't 'fit me'! Cheers, Mike.
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    Engine vibrates at 4000 rpm

    So Mojave - just recap on your post - would you say your engine is smooth? :) Cheers, Mike.
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    Today's the day!

    Know it well Jelly! Sounds like a plan - as soon as it warms up a bit we could meet up around the A249 / M20 Junction and head for the coast? Cheers, Mike.
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    Today's the day!

    Congrats on the purchase Jelly! 1400 hundred sweeeet miles on mine now totally agree that bike is awesome. What area of kent you in? - I'll keep an eye out for you! If I spot you we can find out if the Black or the red bike is quicker :) Cheers, Mike.
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    NC750X DCT K&N Air Filter

    Fitted K&N Air Filter to the 750 yesterday - first ride in this morning and have to say I am really quite surprise at the result - throttle response is noticeably better, especially in 6th gear ..... I spend a fair bit of time on my commute on fastish hilly motorway sections and it now pulls in...
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    NC750X DCT Touiring Screen

    Yep - went for the light smoke - my NC is Red and it does look rather good..... Cheers, Mike.
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    700 vs.750

    I have 1200 miles on my NC750XD DCT now and I'm averaging 68mpg (UK). Half my commute is motorway and half through London traffic. If I ease up on the motorway (max 70mph) my average goes up to around 72mpg. I didn't have the 700 before so can't compare the 2 bikes, but so far I cannot fault the...
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    NC750X DCT Touiring Screen

    Puig Screen arrived on Saturday (complete with a FREE Fender Extender from those nice people at Pyramid!) fitted it (and the Extender) on Sunday - first ride in to work today and what a difference...... weather was awful this morning, but the screen is superb - zero buffeting, it's just like a...
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    NC750X DCT Touiring Screen

    Thanks for the info Serg! Just hoping to get a little more protection as being 6' 2" the stock screen doesn't manage to get the air anyway over the top of me. Looked at the clip on option and will see how it goes without first - sound like you feel it was a worthwhile purchase though...
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    NC750X DCT Touiring Screen

    Just ordered a Puig Screen in Light Smoke - hoping it will arrive for the weekend..... Cheers, Mike.
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    NC750 Valve Inspection Intervals

    Folks - I would be interested in knowing what your dealer says is the valve inspection interval when you are sold an NC750. I know what it says in the service manual (and I know what the official intervals are as stated by honda) but would like to know what you are told when you buy a bike :)...