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    Oh boy, what did I just do!

    Best of luck, and it is a fun bike to ride. Seat is the only drawback, but an Air Hawk fixed that for me. Top truck is nice for carrying everything and stuffing the helmet in. This is my 7th bike I have owned and one of the smoothest to ride. My next purchase will be a windscreen for highway...
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    1st Oil change

    K&N has a nut that worked well. I stuck with Mobile 1 Synthetic. dealer wanted $235.00 for 1st oil change. What a rip off!
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    Comment by 'LawmanFL' in media 'Utopia Drivers Backrest'

    OK, I want one! How did that hook in? Any mod necessary?
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    Well it finally happened! (GRAPHIC VIDEO AND IMAGES)

    Glad to see you were alright. Makes us all be a little more careful.....and definitely protective gear! I agree with the throttle hypothesis......I always downshift before the corner to keep torque to the tires. Same concept with slow riding during the police motor have to keep...
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    Dan Moto Ordered

    I put the pipe on last night, and it looks and sounds great. I had to modify the bracket a little, but nothing major. I am going to have to modify a stop for the center stand as it is resting against the linkage for the shock.....
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    Dan Moto Ordered

    I just got mine Dan Moto in, does anyone know if I nee a O2 delete? I am going to throw it on tomorrow.
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    Honda Announces Limited-Edition Color

    Don't tempt me.....Plasti Dip Camo Brown Aerosol 11oz Can $7.92 a can.....A hard choice, Camo green, brown, or tan?
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    Honda Announces Limited-Edition Color

    You think maybe the Meth you left on the burner had anything to do with it? Ha, Ha:o
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    Puig windscreen / Barkbuster Storm Clearance Mod

    Old' I think the magic tool of your days was the Vise Grips....ha, ha. (and the M-16 A-1)
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    My bike riding days are through

    It looks as though the love has dried up in England, come to America!
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    Puig windscreen / Barkbuster Storm Clearance Mod

    Just thinking out loud....anyone ever thinking of trying out different handlebars? Pro-taper or the sorts? Although it would probably exacerbate this issue.
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    "Off road" versus other bikes in the class

    Nortwestrider and his wife stayed in motels for their Alaska trip. They were on 2 separate bikes. Other than my passenger seat with the tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad in a Givi compression bag, we carried about equal loads. You learn after 50 years of traveling to go as lite as...
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    Wabdr..2014 ????

    Definitely looking like a great ride, and I have plenty of vacation time. Let me start building my bike up now. The only show-stopper would be if I get deployed, but I will be a 85% in at this point. (still in the Army Reserves) My little man will need a year more for his motorcycle permit so...
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    Tutoro Oiler

    I clean it with simple green and lube with Maxima Chain Wax or PJ1. The Chain Wax is not supposed to attract the dirt like some oils, but I guess if there is a constant flow from the oiler it would actual act as a cleaner as well. WD40 would act as a cleaner, but I agree with Harald the new O...
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    SPent the day at the Honda Dealership... CTX700 review...

    CTX looks like the old retro Honda's....nice but I went with the NC.