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    Alright lets vote! Not political lol!

    For me its a good base layer, i think it all starts there. Without it you simply get cold no matter what other gear you have.
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    How much I should pay for a 2020 NC700X DCT in Massachusetts?

    I can attest to the NC being a great bike for the narrow streets of Boston. I have commuted into Boston on my wifes NC a lot. Best commuter bike i have personally ever ridden, hers is a manual and i can only imagine a DCT would make it even better.
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    Dealer claims it has a broken timing chain. I doubt it.

    I doubt they went into it very deep at all. Seems like the default position these days is replace instead of troubleshoot, find the root cause and repair. Its great you found it and should be able to get it up and going. I kind of feel bad for the prior owner, he should have been able to get the...
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    Soft Saddlebag Support Rack

    Here are the pictures i promised of the Wolfman/ Givi setup.
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    Soft Saddlebag Support Rack

    We have a set of Wolfman Rocky Mountain bags on my wifes NC700. Ill take some pics tomorrow for you. To mount them i used a set of Givi Monoey PLX hard bag mounts to support them. At some point we plan to buy some Givi hard bags for the bike but for the time being are using the Wolfman bags i...
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    Garmin Zumo XT install

    I installed a Garmin Zumo XT on my wifes bike today. I think it is going to work out great. I ordered a Givi crossbar kit that bolts on behind the windshield and mounted the Garmin to that with bracket made by Motopumps. I have the same bracket setup on my Africa Twin. For the power wire I ran...
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    Has anyone tried the Touratech spring kit for the NC700X?

    I noticed this on their site the other day and was wondering if anyone has installed it and what improvements if any from the progressive springs? If its a decent kit i may put this on the wifes bike along with a set of cartridge emulators on the front end. My hope is it would take away some...
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    Need help deciding on luggage for Wifes bike

    I ended up going with Givi mainly because they are much easier for me to get. I started off with just the top case and the side bags will come later when the budget allows.... I ended up getting the case and all the hardware from twisted throttle which is quasi local for me and i like supporting...
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    Need help deciding on luggage for Wifes bike

    Thanks for that link. Super helpful.... I think after looking at those pics the Givi V47 top case and V37 bags might just be the ticket. They both come with aluminum inserts that would really go well with her silver bike. From the pics i saw of that combo in that thread they really look like...
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    Need help deciding on luggage for Wifes bike

    Everyone, thanks for the info. Please keep it coming. I really like how those bags look on the bike. What does the hardware look like without the racks? It looks like the Givi v37 is the current model and it uses uses their “PLX” mount system. I really like the SW Motech mounts but not sure...
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    Need help deciding on luggage for Wifes bike

    The SW Motech stuff sounds like a good option, a little research is will work with almost any case. FWIW, here is the Shad setup for the side bags using the 3P system mount. It looks really low profile when the panniers are not mounted.
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    Need help deciding on luggage for Wifes bike

    I am trying to decide which luggage to get for my Wifes 2016 Nc700x. I have narrowed it down to either the Givi Monokey system or a Shad SH59X top case and a set of matching SH35 panniers. Both units would be mounted with bike specific hardware. Does anyone have an opinion or experience with...
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    My heated grip install oh my fizes nc700

    Yea, this bike has the soupy's performance links in the rear. its lowered an inch both front and rear.
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    My heated grip install oh my fizes nc700

    I did a little video detailing what the end product looks like on an aftermarket heated grip install i did on my wifes nc700
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    Looking for 4 season jacket and summer glove recommendations

    I have been wearing a Rev-it Sand 2 jacket and pants for the last 7 years. I got them in 2012 when they first came out and they have been great. The current Sand 3 model has some improvements on what i have. I have worn mine in the low 20's and up in into triple digits and been comfortable. Fro...