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    That horrible time is here again - Major Service !

    Man, you gotta love a wifey that will pull your sprockets for ya!
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    Not a tank map holder, anyone?

    You weren't kidding about the screws being really tight...
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    Okay be honest...who has suffered some buyer’s remorse?

    I've gotta agree with you there Naked_Duc. I'd been putt putting around town on a Honda PCX 125 for the three years and then traded to the NC. I get a real rush when I open the throttle of the NC. But then I'm coming from an environment where I had been riding a very sedate scooter.
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    Comment by 'Japerjoey' in media '302011_10151554570808959_1347496607_n'

    It's like a new baby chick that's just been hatched from the egg^^
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    Got sprayed by a crop duster yesterday

    Wow, that has gotta suck riding through a cloud of that. The things one must watch for when touring has just increased by one...
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    Frunk // Tank Bag

    THAT looks interesting...
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    Hola!!! from Spain..

    Hola from Japan, mate. Brilliant photos!
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    Frunk // Tank Bag

    Thanks mate. It's looking better all the time. Now if I can just find it in Japan and save me some delivery fees.
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    Frunk // Tank Bag

    Thanks Guys. That looks pretty much exactly like what I want. Every worry about the suction cups failing? Is it easy to take the bag with you when you dismount and go somewhere?
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    What would be a nice pet name for our NCX700?

    The Toe Cutter!! Ohhhhh, mate, I LIKE it!
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    Frunk // Tank Bag

    I'm sure there is a post about this on the forum somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone have any recommendations for a small bag pouch that latches to the frunk? Looking for a waterproof one with a transparent cover so that I can throw an ipad in it and use it as a navi device...
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    What would be a nice pet name for our NCX700?

    I've just started calling it "The Beast" after it knarled up my front toe nail...
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    Close Call

    Thanks for sharing and glad that you're still with us... Must have got the heart beating for sure...
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    Comment by 'Japerjoey' in media 'What???'

    THis must be related to the theory of relativity somehow...