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    My 750 has a dash light. Still, there's a learning curve in slow riding the dct! I reduced the amount of slack on the throttle cable and that helped me a lot.
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    New member from Spain, CE

    Welcome! I traded my GSA in for a 0 miles NC750 XD in February. It sure is a lot easier to pick up! He he, not that I like dropping them but, stuff happens. I did 7,200 miles on mine in May. 65 y.o. here. Pics of yours are demanded!
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    Fellow NC rider in Oatman, AZ?

    I was there about 3 weeks ago (around 4/21). 191 curves in 8 miles. Black , overloaded '20 750.
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    I made a thing...

    Not good for a skinny butt like mine, not to mention multi day rides.
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    I made a thing...

    We've had a member do that and his wife (if i remember right) sewed a flap over the cut out. I would do the cut out on another seat but my bike is only 2,000 miles old....if I could get a cheap used seat, I'd do it.
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    I made a thing...

    After the primer, I sprayed a truck bed liner (again, rattle can) for a little more grip. Then, the semi gloss black. It could easily be covered. I didn't want to cut into my BRAND NEW pillion seat! Speaking of, does anyone know if the 700 pillion will fit the 750? I'd buy another seat and...
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    I made a thing...

    A quick search revealed that seat bottoms are cheap!! The dishing out looks better than a straight block would look...
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    I made a thing...

    I'm a wood finisiher so have access to lots of "stuff" wooden. My block of wood just happen to be a scratched up walnut seat we replaced. I would get a piece at least 3/4" thick. Take the pillion seat off and trace out the pattern. Cut it out with a skill saw. Soften the edges with a sander...
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    I made a thing...

    Good idea!
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    I made a thing...

    I got a wooden seat bottom and cut out a blank for the pillion . Going on my first big trip with my 2020 750dct in a couple of weeks. There's no way I was going to remove my dry bag with every fill up. So, I made a thing. I'm too cheap for a Dale's Rack. This a cheap alternative...did I...
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    USB outlets hooked up to the battery...warning

    My extra power ports are 2 USB plugs , a cigarette typ plug and a voltmeter all in one. I do have a switch (and fuse) . I could accidentally, leave it on if I weren't so ocd. I have my driving lights hooked up the same way. Pull up. Put in neutral Put on brake 1-2-3 switches Turn off key...
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    Question Have you had your panels off?

    I think the panels came off my 2020 750 easier than my 2012 700. Maybe because I'm more familiar with the way Honda does it now...idk. I got all my electronics I want with only taking off the left side. Im amazed at how all the parts fit.
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    The Shame Of It

    Bought mine Feb 2. I have 2,300 on it and haven't taken a trip yet. Trip is coming April 19. Of course, I live in the south USA ... but, we have had some bad weather. Weather had a lot to do with mileage on bikes. Just don't let a good day pass you up!
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    Honda NC700X 300.000km

    Thats incredible, and good news fo NC owners!
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    How do you stay hydrated on long rides?

    Have you ever been in the desert during the summer? 2 hours is way too long! Anywhere else, I think you're ok but I prefer shipping as I go.